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Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis for this activity. Arrive early.

Division Facilitated Discussion: From Sustainable Plans to Sustainable Communities

CM | 1.25

Date: Sunday, April 27

Begins: 10:45AM

Ends: 12:45PM

Topics: Sustainability Plans
(search by: Sustainability)

Activity Code: S813

Room: GWCC - Hall C1, Divisions 1

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The new wave of municipal sustainability programs is having an impact. Learn more about programs such as STAR and Sustainable Jersey/Sustainable Maryland and others. Hear from the front lines about the prevalence and organization of the programs. There is a role for planners; find out more.
You will also learn what goes into creating and managing a statewide sustainability certification program. These programs can focus and coordinate state and local resources to help communities progress. Explore how statewide certification programs create more sustainable communities.