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Planning Made Easy

By William Toner, Efraim Gil, Enid Lucchesi, Carol Barrett AICP, Robert Joice AICP

This manual greatly simplifies the task of training new commissioners and zoning board members. If you are faced with a group unfamiliar with planning, this manual is for you!

Published by APA Planners Press, 1994

Format: Hardcover, 168 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-918286-89-5

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Developing a program to train planning commissioners and zoning board members takes a lot of time and effort. This manual makes the process easier. It covers the basics of community planning, zoning, subdivision regulation, and ethics. With chapters organized in discrete modules, it's ideal for both self-study and classroom use. Narratives explain general planning principles.

Exercises encourage users to think about the planning issues in their communities. And worksheets reinforce important concepts. A complementary training guide, Training Made Easy, is also available. Planning Made Easy is published as looseleaf pages in a three-ring notebook.

Table of Contents