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Manufactured Housing (PAS 478)

Regulation, Design Innovations, and Development Options

By Welford Sanders

A wealth of information for the planner or developer who wants to promote manufactured housing developments. Includes permitting requirements, design and zoning regulations, land-lease communities, infill, state associations, and more.

Published by APA Planning Advisory Service, 1998

Format: Paperback, 120 pp.

ISBN: 978-1-884829-20-8

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Many communities have revised their zoning and design regulations affecting manufactured housing to provide an affordable, structurally sound housing alternative that conforms with local aesthetic standards. Design and construction innovations have made it possible to suit a variety of community needs and maintain affordability. This report is based on a survey of PAS subscribers and case studies of exemplary manufactured housing developments, including the redesign of one older mobile home park. Case studies are illustrated in color, offering views of individual units, streetscapes, and site plans. Sample regulations augment the report.

Table of Contents