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Commercial Corridor Revitalization

PAS Essential Info Packet 29

By American Planning Association

This PAS Essential Info Packet provides articles, guidebooks, and sample plans and development regulations to help planners restructure commercial corridors to match new market demands and community needs.

Published by APA Planning Advisory Service, 2011

Format: Adobe PDF

ISBN: 978-1-611901-07-8

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Just as retail strips once drained business from traditional downtowns, now lifestyle centers and other concentrated retailing experiences are leaving a trail of disinvestment along many aging commercial corridors. Revitalizing these strips often requires a deliberate restructuring of the corridor to create spaces that match new market demands and community needs.

This PAS Essential Info Packet provides articles and guidebooks showing how communities can use public investments and private development regulations to divide commercial corridors into distinct segments with concentrated nodes of mixed use development.

The packet also contains examples of local plans and development regulations written specifically to encourage redevelopment along aging commercial corridors.

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