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Sustainable Development Projects

2013 Hardcover
This nuts-and-bolts guide urges planners, developers, and designers to break out of their silos and join forces to build more sustainable communities.


Sustaining Places (PAS 567)

2012 Paperback
How we plan for sustainability will define the 21st century. Get practical guidance on comprehensive planning for people, prosperity, and the planet.


Classic Readings in Urban Planning

2004 Paperback
The best anthology in planning just got better! This indispensable compilation is essential reading for planning students, practitioners, and educators.


Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook

2002 Paperback
States and local governments now have a new tool available to help combat urban sprawl, protect farmland, promote affordable housing, and encourage redevelopment.


Clear As Mud

2010 Paperback
As both observers of and participants in the creation of the Unified New Orleans Plan, Olshansky and Johnson bring unparalleled detail and insight to this complex story.


A Planners Dictionary (PAS 521/522)

2004 Paperback
More than 4,200 terms used by planners around the nation; includes CD-ROM with built-in search function.


Planning Los Angeles

2012 Paperback
Los Angeles isn't planned; it just happens. Right? Not so fast ...


Parking Standards (PAS 510/511)

2002 Paperback
The updated and expanded report features techniques such as shared parking, maximum parking standards, downtown parking standards, and more.


Planning for Solar Energy (PAS 575)

2014 Adobe PDF
Solar energy generates more than heat and light. It revs up the local economy, dials down greenhouse gases, and scales back utility costs for homes and businesses. This essential guide will help your community power up its solar energy plans. Whether you're clearing the way for solar panels on residential roofs or identifying the right location for a large-scale solar farm, Planning for Solar Energy sheds light on the issues you need to understand today.


Small Town and Rural Planning Division Dinner: Ethics for the Small Town and Rural Planner

Sunday, April 27, 2014, 6:00pm

If you are working in a small community (whether in size or in spirit), your recommendations are most likely to affect your neighbors, someone at your kid’s school, your church, someone from the youth sports association, and so on. Also, as a planner in a small community you are more likely to be short on resources that larger planning departments may take for granted but are still expected to produce the same quality work. This program will take a look at the crazy and sometimes scary world of planners and share some realistic tips for planners on dealing with your work-related situations ethically. Chad Nabity, AICP, and David r. Gattis, FAICP lead the 90 minute discussion on ethical planning and small towns. Includes dinner. Located at the Hard Rock Cafe, 215 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta. Hosted by Small Town and Rural Planning Division


CM | 1.5

The Charrette Handbook

2006 Paperback
A step-by-step guide to charrettes written by the experts at the National Charrette Institute


Planned Unit Developments (PAS 545)

2007 Paperback
Ten large builders build more than 20 percent of all homes in the United States. And those builders are changing the way land is developed, relying increasingly on planned unit development and master-planned communities. Is your ordinance equipped to handle the new generation of PUDs?


Electromagnetic Fields and Land-Use Controls (PAS 435)

1991 Paperback
This report answers some of the most frequently asked questions about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and defines the planner's role in the EMF controversy.


The Charrette Handbook

2014 Paperback
The second edition of The Charrette Handbook is a step-by-step guide to successful charrettes.


Plenary: Redevelopment after Sandy

Monday, April 28, 2014, 7:30am

Leaders and advisors in the multi-state redevelopment after Superstorm or Hurricane Sandy provide an update and insight into this massive rebuilding effort. Henk Ovink is the senior advisor to Shaun Donovan, Secretary HUD, and chair Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force. Dale Morris is Senior Economist at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC, providing economic and political analyses of US macro-economic, fiscal and monetary policy, as well as US federal budget, tax and appropriations developments. Morris directs the Dutch Government's Water Management network in Louisiana, Florida and California, where the focus is on a broad array of “sustainability” topics such as flood protection, flood risk mitigation, coastal restoration, and water supply/conveyance. David Waggonner is a New Orleans architect who has been a principal in the development of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan.


CM | 1.25

Planner's Estimating Guide

2004 Paperback
This book gives planning practitioners a powerful tool to help decide where to put new development. It revolutionizes the job of estimating land-use and facility needs.


Changing Development Standards for Affordable Housing (PAS 371)

1982 Paperback
Affordable housing is in great demand. This report looks at how communities can change their development ordinances to support this type of development.


Affordable Single-Family Housing (PAS 385)

1984 Paperback
Affordable housing is a concern all across the country. Learn how states are testing the feasiblility of zoning for affordable housing.


Protecting Nontidal Wetlands (PAS 412/413)

1988 Paperback
Although the rate of destruction of wetlands has slowed considerably, it is still far too high. This guide shows how to create an effective local wetland protection program.


The Planning Commissioners Guide

1993 Paperback
David Allor's book shows commissioners how to make group decisions in a reasonable, efficient, and effective way. Essential reading for anyone serving on a publicly appointed board or commission.


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