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Planning for Wildfires (PAS 529/530)

2005 Paperback
When should you permit development in wildfire-prone areas and how should those developments be designed to mitigate wildfire risks? This report summarizes best practices.


Fast, Funny, & Passionate 2

Monday, April 28, 2014, 4:00pmA sense of humor goes a long way towards solving planning problems. Be prepared to laugh as you hear nine speakers (quickly) address common planning challenges. Planners are Funny (at least some),Paul C. Zucker, FAICP; Reviving downtown in a city torn between historic village & hip/modern sensibilities, M. Margo Wheeler, AICP; "Hey! Can I sell you a trail?", Gregory A. Kern, AICP; Plain Talk: Words to Use (and NOT Use) In Planning Circles Jamie A. Cochran, AICP; Planning for Zombies, Drones, and Other Ridiculous Trends, Tareq S. Wafaie, AICP; the snow, Grace Wu, AICP; Getting to Yes: Matching the Comprehensive Plan Expectations of the Planning Commission and the Council, Peter G. Conrad, AICP; The Emperors New Infrastructure, Andrew Boenau, AICP; Don't Let Tourist Fool You-They Love to Shop, but Irrationally!, Robert J. Gibbs; Master Street Plans: Breaking the Cycle of Haphazard Urban Form, Paul Knight, AICP


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