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Jane Jacobs's Legacy and New Urbanism

2014 Streaming Media
How do Jane Jacobs's ideas and new urbanist tenets mesh, and where has her legacy held true?


CM | 1.0

Big Data Supporting Jane Jacobs’ Theories

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 4:00pmJane Jacobs argued long ago that the most vibrant neighborhoods are a mix of old and new buildings used in various ways by diverse people and groups. Today many of Jacobs’s ideas are widely embraced by planners, even though city policies and plans often favor large-scale redevelopment projects. Examine two major historic preservation projects that use big data to test and extend Jacobs’s theories about the value of diverse streets and neighborhoods.


CM | 1.25

Reconsidering Jane Jacobs

2011 Paperback
This book reminds planning professionals of the full range and complexity of Jane Jacobs's ideas and offers thoughtful critiques on the unintended consequences of her ideas on cities and planning today.


Reconsidering Jane Jacobs

2011 Hardcover
This book reminds planning professionals of the full range and complexity of Jane Jacobs's ideas and offers thoughtful critiques on the unintended consequences of her ideas on cities and planning today.


Planning for a New Energy and Climate Future (PAS 558)

2010 Paperback
Planners have an important role to play in helping communities meet energy needs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adapt to a changing climate. While most planners recognize the significance of these issues, they are still working to translate these imperatives into on-the-ground plans, actions, and regulations.


Special Event: Local Host Committee Reception - Lake Union Extravaganza!

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 7:00pmWelcome to Seattle and a taste of the Northwest in a beautifully restored Art Deco-style building, the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), at Lake Union Park. Beautiful views of downtown, Lake Union, boats and seaplanes and fabulous exhibits bringing together Seattle’s past and future, including artifacts from the 1962 World’s Fair, Boeing, local icons and art. The surrounding South Lake Union neighborhood is bustling with the energy of new housing, restaurants, entertainment and innovative industry. This evening will be all about having fun and meeting up with old friends and new in a unique and exciting setting. MOHAI will bring the energy of Seattle to you – don’t miss it! Enjoy northwest appetizers, beverages and live music, listen to the northwest's premiere gypsy jazz band, Pearl Django. Includes one drink ticket. Location: Museum of History and Industry, 860 Terry Avenue N, Seattle.


Fast, Funny, & Passionate 1

Sunday, April 27, 2014, 5:30pmA sense of humor goes a long way towards solving planning problems. Be prepared to laugh as you hear nine speakers (quickly) address common planning challenges. Once Upon a Time: Olympic Medals in Town Planning 1928-1948, E. V. S. Carmichael, AICP; EcoBricks or Plastic Bottles that Can Build a School!, Janet Lynn Wright, AICP; Biking in 100 degrees: A Bicycle and Pedestrian plan for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Oliver H. Sellers-Garcia, AICP; Building and Burning: What happens when you give the City to the Citizens, Rachel Downey; City Streets: Livable or Killable?, Andrew Boenau, AICP; Are Preservationists Elitist?, Jennifer S. Minner; Behind The Dreaming Spires, Alison Wright


CM | 1.25

Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands

2010 Paperback
This book is a detailed history and overview of The Netherlands developed the policies, tools, technology, planning, public outreach, and international cooperation needed to save its populated deltas.


Street Vending (PAS 509)

2002 Paperback
This report addresses key elements surrounding this controvesial activity, including economic development, urban design, operations, and permitting and enforcement.


A Career Worth Planning

2000 Paperback
Whether you are graduating from a collegiate school of planning or an experienced planner, this book describes the realities and challenges associated with mapping out your career.


The High Cost of Free Parking

2011 Paperback
One of APA's most popular titles, now updated and in paperback. This landmark treatise argues that cities are getting parking wrong and paying for their mistakes with sprawl, pollution, and higher prices. Donald Shoup shows how better parking policies could make better cities.


Planning Los Angeles

2012 Paperback
Los Angeles isn't planned; it just happens. Right? Not so fast ...


Megapolitan America

2011 Hardcover
America is the land of wide open spaces. Or is it? Explore how the rise of megapolitan areas is changing the way we live.


U.S. Traffic Calming Manual

2009 Hardcover
The ultimate manual for creating traffic-calming programs.


A Decent Home

2009 Paperback
A practical step-by-step guide to developing affordable housing and a sophisticated introduction to housing policy.


In Motion

2012 Paperback
Even a trip to the mailbox can be a voyage of discovery. See travel in a new light with acclaimed author Tony Hiss.


Classic Readings in Urban Planning

2004 Paperback
The best anthology in planning just got better! This indispensable compilation is essential reading for planning students, practitioners, and educators.


Planning the Pacific Northwest

2015 Paperback
Planning the Pacific Northwest continues the APA Planners Press series on how planning shapes major American cities.


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