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Rutgers University/Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy Alumni Gathering

Monday, April 28, 2014, 6:30pmReception to be held at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel.


Classic Readings in Urban Planning

2004 Paperback
The best anthology in planning just got better! This indispensable compilation is essential reading for planning students, practitioners, and educators.


Planning for Solar Energy (PAS 575)

2014 Adobe PDF
Solar energy generates more than heat and light. It revs up the local economy, dials down greenhouse gases, and scales back utility costs for homes and businesses. This essential guide will help your community power up its solar energy plans. Whether you're clearing the way for solar panels on residential roofs or identifying the right location for a large-scale solar farm, Planning for Solar Energy sheds light on the issues you need to understand today.


Nonpoint Source Pollution (PAS 476)

1997 Paperback
This comprehensive guide tackles one of the most common threats to both surface and underground water supplies.


A Guide to Wellhead Protection (PAS 457/458)

1995 Paperback
Learn how to use wellhead protection programs to prevent contamination and avoid costly cleanups of your groundwater resources.


Landslide Hazards and Planning (PAS 533/534)

2005 Paperback
This report will help planners minimize the risk landslides pose to life and property.


The RLUIPA Reader

2009 Paperback
A discussion of religion, land use, and property rights.


Online Resources for Planners (PAS 474/475)

1997 Paperback
Find helpful sites, newsgroups, and mailing lists on the Internet easily with this comprehensive guide to planning information online.


Planning Los Angeles

2012 Paperback
Los Angeles isn't planned; it just happens. Right? Not so fast ...


Land Use and the Constitution

1989 Paperback
This handbook is specially designed to help planners relate legal issues to real world problems. It is a practical guide to the constitutional principles that are critical to the day-to-day practice of land-use planning.


Transportation & Land Use Innovations

1997 Paperback
Ewing thoroughly explains the coming trends in transportation planning in nontechnical language accessible to both planning professionals and laymen.


Reconsidering Ian McHarg

2014 Paperback
Ian McHarg's Design with Nature blazed the trail for sustainable urban development. But where did the trail lead? The author of Reconsidering Ian McHarg studied under McHarg. Discover his clear-eyed view of McHarg's lessons — and the road ahead for sustainable cities.


Rural by Design

2015 Paperback
America's rural areas and suburbs need new solutions. Find them in an updated edition of a planning classic.


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