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A Planners Guide to Community and Regional Food Planning (PAS 554)

2008 Paperback
Read how planners can play a significant role in shaping the food environment of communities and thereby facilitate healthy eating.


Fast and Funny Planning Presentations (1)

2015 Streaming Media
See 7-minute presentations by your fellow planners — serious or funny but always engaging.


CM | 1.25

Protecting Local Environments and Natural Resources

2015 Streaming Media
Explore how planners and lawyers can work together to achieve balanced growth and development.


CM | 1.5

Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines

2015 Streaming Media
Hear how New York balanced public access, resiliency, and ecology in its Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines.


CM | 1.25

Shared Streets, from Policy to Implementation

2015 Streaming Media
Three case studies show how shared streets can foster safe, active, and walkable neighborhoods.


CM | 1.25

Codifying New Urbanism (PAS 526)

2004 Paperback
This report will help planners create land-development regulations that make new-urbanist developments possible.


Planning Healthy Communities

2014 Streaming Media
Planners and public health professionals share ideas in five informative sessions.


CM | 6.25

Rural by Design

2015 Paperback
America's suburbs, small cities, and rural areas need new solutions. Find them in an entirely new edition of a planning classic.


Results 1-8 of 8
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