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Kentucky Chapter

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Planning for Street Connectivity (PAS 515)

2003 Paperback
Planners, decision makers, and residents should gain from this report a better understanding of the concept of connectivity, as well as ideas about how best to address the goal of connectivity in their own communities.


E-Government (PAS 564)

2011 Paperback
This updated edition shows how today's technologies are making public planning more efficient, cost-effective, and engaging.


Affordable Single-Family Housing (PAS 385)

1984 Paperback
Affordable housing is a concern all across the country. Learn how states are testing the feasiblility of zoning for affordable housing.


Home Occupation Ordinances (PAS 391)

1985 Paperback
Historically, home-based businesses have been difficult to regulate, but some communities do it well. This report examines successful strategies for incorporating home businesses into zoning ordinances.


Green Infrastructure (PAS 571)

2013 Paperback
This well-grounded report shows how green infrastructure cleans the air and water, replenishes aquifers, reduces flooding, and moderates the climate.


A Planners Guide to Community and Regional Food Planning (PAS 554)

2008 Paperback
Read how planners can play a significant role in shaping the food environment of communities and thereby facilitate healthy eating.


Crime and Planning

2012 Hardcover
Is your community designed for crime, and are planners unwitting accomplices? This book gives practicing planners the tools they need to help head off crime in their communities.


Lasting Value

2012 Paperback
Are Americans committing "country-cide"? Learn how some communities are preserving their green legacy.


Rural by Design

1994 Paperback
A toolbox of creative rural planning techniques that can preserve rural open space and community character.


Rural by Design

2015 Paperback
America's rural areas and suburbs need new solutions. Find them in an updated edition of a planning classic.


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