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Zoning for Child Care (PAS 422)

1989 Paperback
Creative ways governments can encourage and improve child care.


The High Cost of Free Parking

2011 Paperback
One of APA's most popular titles, now updated and in paperback. This landmark treatise argues that cities are getting parking wrong and paying for their mistakes with sprawl, pollution, and higher prices. Donald Shoup shows how better parking policies could make better cities.


The Evolution of Urban Form

2010 Hardcover
This book provides a fundamental understanding of how physical environments are created, changed, and transformed through ordinary processes over time.


Planning Chicago

2013 Paperback
Chicago is the Rust Belt Metropolis That Could, the one that has not only thrived but shouldered its way onto the list of global cities. But what did planning have to do with it?


Redesigning Cities

2003 Paperback
Through detailed descriptions, Jonathan Barnett explains how design can reshape suburban growth patterns, revitalize older cities, and retrofit metropolitican areas.


Results 1-5 of 5
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