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Planning Active Communities (PAS 543/544)

2006 Paperback
How can planning processes, development regulations, and community participation be used to ensure that development patterns facilitate everyday activity? Find out in this practical how-to report.


Preparing a Landscaping Ordinance (PAS 431)

1990 Paperback
Landscaping should be an integral part of development-not just an afterthought. Use the landscape ordinances in this report to ensure that appropriate landscaping accompanies your development project.


Incentive Zoning (PAS 494)

2000 Paperback
Incentive zoning isn't new, but using it to achieve the objectives of smart growth is. This report looks at successful projects, discusses legal issues, and offers principles for developing legislation.


Integrating Planning and Public Health (PAS 539/540)

2006 Paperback
A guide to incorporating public health goals into comprehensive planning.


Innovative Tools for Historic Preservation (PAS 438)

1992 Paperback
Historic preservation has become extremely popular in recent decades. This report provides the results of an APA survey of new techniques developed to further the preservation agenda.


Subdivision Design in Flood Hazard Areas (PAS 473)

1997 Paperback
When development on floodplains is unavoidable, make sure you know how to keep risks to a minimum.


Coastal Zone Management (PAS 581)

2016 Paperback
More than half the U.S. population lives in coastal watershed counties. How can they break the cycle of damage-rebuild-damage? Coastal Zone Management will help them find answers — and find the sweet spot between environmental protection, economic rewards, and social equity.


The Abundant Community

2010 Hardcover
The Abundant Community reveals the invisible but immense impact that consumerism has had on the fabric of our families and communities. We can create richer, more fulfilling lives and break our dependency on the consumer economy.


CANCELLED - Mobile Workshop: Merging Portland’s Transit and Urban Planning

Tuesday, April 21 - 23, 2015, 2:00pmThis mobile workshop has been cancelled.


CM | 6.0

Plenary: Redevelopment after Sandy

Monday, April 28, 2014, 7:30amLeaders and advisors in the multi-state redevelopment after Superstorm or Hurricane Sandy provide an update and insight into this massive rebuilding effort. Henk Ovink is the senior advisor to Shaun Donovan, Secretary HUD, and chair Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force. Dale Morris is Senior Economist at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC, providing economic and political analyses of US macro-economic, fiscal and monetary policy, as well as US federal budget, tax and appropriations developments. Morris directs the Dutch Government's Water Management network in Louisiana, Florida and California, where the focus is on a broad array of “sustainability” topics such as flood protection, flood risk mitigation, coastal restoration, and water supply/conveyance. David Waggonner is a New Orleans architect who has been a principal in the development of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan.


CM | 1.25

Innovative Parking Strategies for Affordable Housing

2015 Streaming Media
See new data-driven tools, hear about three innovative case studies, and explore community benefits.


CM | 1.25

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