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The RLUIPA Reader

2009 Paperback
A discussion of religion, land use, and property rights.


Planning for the Deceased (PAS 572)

2013 Paperback
Can better cemeteries make better communities? As the baby boom generation ages, demand for interment is inevitably rising. The way planners respond will have lasting impact on cities and towns.


Community-Based Housing for the Elderly (PAS 420)

1989 Paperback
As Americans live longer, the demand for appropriate housing for the elderly increases. This guide helps planners provide desirable senior housing without burdening the community.


A Field Day for Planning Agritourism

2015 Streaming Media
What zoning and building-code standards are needed to ensure agritourism activities are appropriate and safe?


CM | 1.25

Results 1-4 of 4
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