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Solid Waste Management (PAS 424/425)

1990 Paperback
Recycling is here, but we still need to improve how we manage our solid waste. This report looks at state and local programs to manage waste and decrease the amount generated.


Appearance Codes for Small Communities (PAS 379)

1983 Paperback
Communities can improve their looks by regulating design within their borders. This report looks at how eight communities adopted, administered, and defended their aesthetic regulations.


The Job of the Practicing Planner

1988 Paperback
This practical, down-to-earth handbook for students and practicing planners is an essential reference on development review.


Project Rating/Recognition Programs (PAS 538)

2006 Paperback
This report explains how to establish development criteria that translate smart-growth principles into workable projects.


Complete Neighborhood Strategies for Affordable Housing

2015 Streaming Media
Learn what strategies are working to create quality affordable and mixed income places.


CM | 1.25

The Charrette Handbook

2006 Paperback
A step-by-step guide to charrettes written by the experts at the National Charrette Institute


Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances and Transportation Management (PAS 465)

1996 Paperback
Adequate public facilities ordinances (APFOs) are being implemented across the country to ensure that infrastructure is in place ahead of development. Learn more about this concept in this comprehensive report.


Regional Approaches to Affordable Housing (PAS 513/514)

2003 Paperback
A new report that evaluates 23 affordable housing programs across the nation, tracing the history of regional housing planning in the U.S and defining issues on housing affordability.


Planning Atlanta

2014 Paperback
Two dozen planning practitioners and thought leaders bring the story of Atlanta to life. Explore the city that regularly reinvents itself, and where change is always in the wind.


Planner's Estimating Guide

2004 Paperback
This book gives planning practitioners a powerful tool to help decide where to put new development. It revolutionizes the job of estimating land-use and facility needs.


Green Community

2009 Hardcover
Based on the National Building Museum's Green Community exhibition, this book is a collection of thought-provoking essays that illuminate the connections among personal health, community health, and our planet's health.


Results 1-11 of 11
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