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Clear As Mud

2010 Paperback
As both observers of and participants in the creation of the Unified New Orleans Plan, Olshansky and Johnson bring unparalleled detail and insight to this complex story.


Planning for Hillside Development (PAS 466)

1996 Paperback
Hillside development demands special attention because of safety concerns and its impact on the environment. This report examines the tradeoffs inherent in hillside development.


Mobile Workshop: Achieving Social Equity around Light Rail

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 10:45amGentrification can pose challenges around light rail stations. Tour three innovative sites along Seattle’s light rail system and hear how they have created and preserved affordable housing and retail while celebrating community diversity. Go by light rail to Beacon Hill, Othello in South Seattle, and Columbia City. In Beacon Hill, walk through the Roberto Maestas Festival Street. At Columbia City, tour the Rainier Vista HOPE VI development. Transportation: Public. Includes lunch.


Megapolitan America

2011 Hardcover
America is the land of wide open spaces. Or is it? Explore how the rise of megapolitan areas is changing the way we live.


Transportation Infrastructure (PAS 557)

2009 Paperback
This report presents fresh best practices and visionary ideas for restructuring transport networks.


Capital Improvements Programs (PAS 442)

1993 Paperback
The capital improvements program involves policy issues, choices, and political pressures. This report is more than just technical. It examines the links between budgets and plans in the light of politics.


Fast, Funny, & Passionate 2

Monday, April 28, 2014, 4:00pmA sense of humor goes a long way towards solving planning problems. Be prepared to laugh as you hear nine speakers (quickly) address common planning challenges. Planners are Funny (at least some),Paul C. Zucker, FAICP; Reviving downtown in a city torn between historic village & hip/modern sensibilities, M. Margo Wheeler, AICP; "Hey! Can I sell you a trail?", Gregory A. Kern, AICP; Plain Talk: Words to Use (and NOT Use) In Planning Circles Jamie A. Cochran, AICP; Planning for Zombies, Drones, and Other Ridiculous Trends, Tareq S. Wafaie, AICP; the snow, Grace Wu, AICP; Getting to Yes: Matching the Comprehensive Plan Expectations of the Planning Commission and the Council, Peter G. Conrad, AICP; The Emperors New Infrastructure, Andrew Boenau, AICP; Don't Let Tourist Fool You-They Love to Shop, but Irrationally!, Robert J. Gibbs; Master Street Plans: Breaking the Cycle of Haphazard Urban Form, Paul Knight, AICP


CM | 1.25

Smart Growth in a Changing World

2007 Paperback
The U.S. is in the midst of a crisis of energy consumption and environmental degradation, while our global competitors are investing in smart growth. Can the the country implement balanced transportation policies and natural resources preservation before it's too late?


The Planner's Use of Information

2003 Paperback
This volume offers a range of methods for solving many kinds of information problems in myriad situations. It's an invaluable day-to-day resource for practicing planners and an ideal classroom text for courses in planning communication.


Solid Waste Management (PAS 424/425)

1990 Paperback
Recycling is here, but we still need to improve how we manage our solid waste. This report looks at state and local programs to manage waste and decrease the amount generated.


Reconsidering Ian McHarg

2014 Paperback
Ian McHarg's Design with Nature blazed the trail for sustainable urban development. But where did the trail lead? The author of Reconsidering Ian McHarg studied under McHarg. Discover his clear-eyed view of McHarg's lessons — and the road ahead for sustainable cities.


Planning Made Easy

1994 Hardcover
This manual greatly simplifies the task of training new commissioners and zoning board members. If you are faced with a group unfamiliar with planning, this manual is for you!


Zoning as a Barrier to Multifamily Housing Development (PAS 548)

2007 Paperback
Does your code prevent the development of often-affordable multifamily housing? This report examines the relationships between zoning and housing in six metropolitan areas.


The Planning Commissioners Guide

2013 Paperback
This step-by-step guidebook gets new planning commissioners off on the right foot and helps experienced commission members navigate their roles.


Planning Los Angeles

2012 Paperback
Los Angeles isn't planned; it just happens. Right? Not so fast ...


21st Century Land Development Code

2008 Hardcover
A complete planning and law code for use in drafting and updating land-use regulations


Planning for Street Connectivity (PAS 515)

2003 Paperback
Planners, decision makers, and residents should gain from this report a better understanding of the concept of connectivity, as well as ideas about how best to address the goal of connectivity in their own communities.


Redesigning Cities

2003 Paperback
Through detailed descriptions, Jonathan Barnett explains how design can reshape suburban growth patterns, revitalize older cities, and retrofit metropolitican areas.


21st Century Planning Commission

2013 Streaming Media
A panel of presenters — including the authors of the new Planning Commissioners Guide — gives diverse perspectives and practical pointers for new planning commissioners and veterans alike.


The High Cost of Free Parking

2011 Paperback
One of APA's most popular titles, now updated and in paperback. This landmark treatise argues that cities are getting parking wrong and paying for their mistakes with sprawl, pollution, and higher prices. Donald Shoup shows how better parking policies could make better cities.


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