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CANCELLED: Atlantic Station: Brownfield to Destination

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 9:30amThis mobile workshop has been cancelled.


CM | 4.5

Rafting on the Chattahoochee River

Monday, April 28, 2014, 8:30amGo rafting with park ranger, Jerry Hightower, on the Chattahoochee River. Over the past 15 years, Atlanta has really cleaned up the “Hooch.” On a leisurely 3-mile guided float down the river, take in the beauty of nature, explore former brownfield sites. You’ll be inspired by the story of how partners banded together to invest in the river and make it a front door for the city. A change of clothes is recommended! Transportation: Motorcoach, raft, walking.


CM | 2.5

Large-Scale Streetcar Circulator Programs

Monday, April 28, 2014, 7:30amStreetcars are back, and they’re having a huge impact in cities across the United States. Look at how streetcars can help sustain economic development, redevelop infill and brownfield sites, and revitalize urban neighborhoods in any size community. Explore progressive streetcar-expansion strategies in Atlanta and Seattle as well as Washington, D.C., and Portland, Oregon.


CM | 1.25

Mobile Workshop: Creating the Olympic Sculpture Park

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 10:15amExplore the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture. Find out how a brownfield site became an international destination and an important gathering place for the neighborhood. Hear from a planner and local resident, and landscape architect on the initial design team, share insights on development of the park, its evolution as a unique public space, and its influence on the surrounding community. Hear about a controversial residential development planned at the park’s north edge, its potential impacts, and how they are being addressed. Transportation: Motorcoach, walking.


Mobile Workshop: Trails, TOCs, and Tech

Monday, April 20, 2015, 2:15pmThis workshop has a new date/time. A rails-to-trail corridor. A repurposed park-and-ride lot with mixed use housing. Conversion of a brownfield site to a new Google campus. See how they are connecting people, high-tech businesses, and transit users in shaping a transit-oriented contemporary community in the City of Kirkland. Three distinct, interrelated projects highlight connectivity among neighborhoods in this walkable city. Start at a recently completed Transit Oriented Development, walk 2 miles of the Cross Kirkland Corridor, and continue on to Google’s Kirkland campus. You’ll learn about: • How three separate but related projects are creating a connected community • What it takes to transform a surface park and ride lot to a mixed use housing development • How a converted rail line will serve as a catalyst for new uses and trail oriented development • Why a high-tech company chose to locate along the corridor and participate in enhancing it Transportation: Motorcoach, walking.


CM | 2.25

Planning magazine (complimentary with APA membership)

APA's flagship publication keeps up with planning news and shows how innovative planning programs and techniques are reshaping America's communities. Planning is published monthly; August/September is a combined issue.


Design Guidelines for Historic Neighborhoods

2012 Streaming Media
Most historic neighborhoods have a mix of styles, periods, and uses. How do you decide what to save from the past and what to add for the future?


CM | 1.0

APA/AICP Annual Meeting and Leadership Honors

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 2:30pmHighlighting this year's annual meeting will be addresses by APA President William Anderson, FAICP,and AICP President Lee Brown, FAICP and the announcement of the winners of the 2014 APA/AICP elections.


Guide to Community Visioning

1993 Paperback
A practical guidebook for communities wishing to begin the strategic planning process.


Sustainable Urban Industrial Development (PAS 577)

2014 Paperback
How can city planners stoke the employment engine of industry while keeping their communities green and clean?


U.S. Traffic Calming Manual

2009 Hardcover
The ultimate manual for creating traffic-calming programs.


‘The Walking Dead’ of Senoia

Monday, April 28, 2014, 8:45amDuring six of America’s toughest economic years, Senoia, Georgia, attracted 43 Main Street businesses, two Southern Living Idea Houses, Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Social Club, and the hit TV series “The Walking Dead.” How? With a mix of planning preparation and community collaboration- learn how Senoia bucked the odds to script its own success. The story continues in neighboring Fayette County, where Pinewood Studios (home of James Bond) just finished building phase 1 of a 500 acre film studio complex anchoring a 2,000 acre mixed use development, master planned by local government. Lunch in downtown Senoia. Transportation: Motorcoach, walking. Includes lunch.


CM | 4.0

Book Authors Discussion: Sprawlogy

Saturday, April 26, 2014, 10:30amRapid shifts in demographics, personal and cultural values, perceptions of what constitutes a healthy environment, and America's economy have come together to form a "perfect storm" that is undermining the viability of sprawl as a growth model. For sixty years mature suburbs have been formed around this model and many newer suburbs expect continued growth following a low density, decentralized sprawl model. The auto-oriented environments which represent sprawl's trademark are increasingly less competitive than walkable environments as places to live, work, play...and invest. This rapid reversal is responsible in part for the fact that for the first time in American history more poor people live in suburbs than cities. Mature and newer suburbs alike need to understand how to retrofit failing commercial centers, outmoded office parks, brownfields, and other declining environments into higher density, mixed-use, compact development that supports walkable urbanism and accommodates greater diversity. This upcoming book from Planners Press titled, “Sprawlogy” will provide an overview of the dynamics underlying this trend and their anticipated impact over the next decade, planning and urban design principles to guide transformation of sprawl environments into walkable urbanism, a guide to understanding the role of real estate economics, examples of community-based planning processes in suburbs that have produced plans for compact and walkable redevelopment, an inventory of effective implementation tools, and successful case studies.


CM | 1.25

Planners, Managers, and Ethical Collisions

2015 Streaming Media
Explore ways to meet the AICP Code of Ethics while understanding the ICMA Ethics Code city managers use


CM | 1.5

Old Cities/Green Cities (PAS 506/507)

2002 Paperback
Every American city faces the challenge of vacant land scattered among houses in residential areas. This report provides a look at strategies and programs that provide green areas among urban renewal and sprawl.


Minding the Transportation/Land Use Gap

2015 Streaming Media
Learn about tried and tested tools for integrating land use and transportation planning across agencies.


CM | 1.25

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PAS 497/498)

2000 Paperback
A distinguished planner's reflection on how to make parks an essential cornerstone of great communities in the 21st century.


Urban Agriculture (PAS 563)

2011 Paperback
This PAS Report provides authoritative guidance for dealing with the implications of this cutting-edge practice that is changing our cities forever.


Equitable Development and Urban Ethnography

Monday, April 28, 2014, 1:00pmThe University of Nevada–Las Vegas has given graduate students from UNLV, Brown University, and faculty from New York University a rare opportunity: a chance to understand the response of community members to potential redevelopment sites that would connect housing, transit, and jobs. The research will help deepen the community engagement process of disadvantaged members. Learn how students in the Ethnographic Summer Field Research program succeeded in connecting marginalized groups to future redevelopment plans in their community.


CM | 1.25

Planning Los Angeles

2012 Paperback
Los Angeles isn't planned; it just happens. Right? Not so fast ...


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