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An Economic Development Toolbox (PAS 541)

2006 Paperback
A practical guide to economic development for local governments.


Regional Approaches to Affordable Housing (PAS 513/514)

2003 Paperback
A new report that evaluates 23 affordable housing programs across the nation, tracing the history of regional housing planning in the U.S and defining issues on housing affordability.


Nonpoint Source Pollution (PAS 476)

1997 Paperback
This comprehensive guide tackles one of the most common threats to both surface and underground water supplies.


Zoning as a Barrier to Multifamily Housing Development (PAS 548)

2007 Paperback
Does your code prevent the development of often-affordable multifamily housing? This report examines the relationships between zoning and housing in six metropolitan areas.


Planning for Wildfires (PAS 529/530)

2005 Paperback
When should you permit development in wildfire-prone areas and how should those developments be designed to mitigate wildfire risks? This report summarizes best practices.


Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook

2002 Paperback
States and local governments now have a new tool available to help combat urban sprawl, protect farmland, promote affordable housing, and encourage redevelopment.


Smart Growth Audits (PAS 512)

2003 Paperback
This report describes the concept of a smart growth audit and includes methods for facilitating them at the local government level.


Strategic Planning in Local Government

1992 Paperback
This book, the companion to Strategic Planning: Threats and Opportunities for Planners, reports the progress that planners have made in integrating strategic planning into the public sector.


Habitat Enhancement Design in Urban Settings

2015 Streaming Media
Delve into a creative effort setting the stage for a major transformation of Seattle’s waterfront.


CM | 1.25

The Environmental Planning Handbook

2003 Hardcover
Using a hands-on and thorough approach, this handbook tells how to assess local environment conditions and create an action plan. Among the environmental issues included are planning for public health, natural areas, and hazard and disaster mitigation.


The Environmental Planning Handbook for Sustainable Communities and Regions

2014 Paperback
How can communities — even regions — keep their air clean, their water pure, and their people and property safe from climate and environmental hazards? Newly updated, The Environmental Planning Handbook gives local governments, nonprofits, and citizens the guidance they need to take on the job.


Results 1-11 of 11
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