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Airport Noise Regulations (PAS 437)

1992 Paperback
Airports are vital pieces of infrastructure that everyone wants, but nobody wants to live with. This report shows how noise overlays can help to address homeowner concerns about nearby airports.


Oglethorpe’s Utopian Design

Monday, April 28, 2014, 12:00pmWhen the Province of Georgia was founded in 1733, James Oglethorpe created the plan that shaped it. Learn about the state’s history and the plan’s role. You’ll find out how the city of Savannah has preserved the plan, and how its principles remain relevant today. To see Oglethorpe’s vision come to life, sign up for APA’s mobile workshop to Savannah.


Traditional Chinese Village Conservation and Development

2015 Streaming Media
Hear how APA and Zhejiang University helped balance heritage conservation and economic development in 18 Chinese villages.


CM | 1.25

Urban Design Reclaimed

2009 Paperback
Emily Talen challenges planners to reengage in urban design to ensure that it supports diverse, sustainable, vibrant, and equitable communities.


The Planners Guide to CommunityViz

2011 Paperback
Here is an authoritative and accessible guide to a tool to let planners and citizens "see" the future impacts of a plan or development.


Rural by Design

2015 Paperback
America's suburbs, small cities, and rural areas need new solutions. Find them in an entirely new edition of a planning classic.


Results 1-6 of 6
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