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The Cluster Subdivision (PAS 356)

1980 Paperback
Learn how to save costs with cluster development without losing the savings through time-consuming review procedures.


Changing Development Standards for Affordable Housing (PAS 371)

1982 Paperback
Affordable housing is in great demand. This report looks at how communities can change their development ordinances to support this type of development.


Regulating Manufactured Housing (PAS 398)

1986 Paperback
Today's manufactured housing is a far cry from yesterday's. This guide looks at the advances in manufactured housing and tries to explain community attitudes.


Manufactured Housing (PAS 478)

1998 Paperback
A wealth of information for the planner or developer who wants to promote manufactured housing developments. Includes permitting requirements, design and zoning regulations, land-lease communities, infill, state associations, and more.


Affordable Single-Family Housing (PAS 385)

1984 Paperback
Affordable housing is a concern all across the country. Learn how states are testing the feasiblility of zoning for affordable housing.


Manufactured Housing Site Development Guide (PAS 445)

1993 Paperback
Manufactured housing is no longer a trailer parked in a trailer court. It's a viable alternative to custom-built housing. This report examines key elements of successful manufactured housing developments.


Avoiding the Unmanageable, Managing the Unavoidable

2015 Streaming Media
Gain insight into climate dynamics and learn how Washington state adopted successful mitigation and adaptation strategies.


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Results 1-7 of 7
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