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In Motion

2012 Paperback
Even a trip to the mailbox can be a voyage of discovery. See travel in a new light with acclaimed author Tony Hiss.


The Planners Guide to CommunityViz

2011 Paperback
Here is an authoritative and accessible guide to a tool to let planners and citizens "see" the future impacts of a plan or development.


Megapolitan America

2011 Hardcover
America is the land of wide open spaces. Or is it? Explore how the rise of megapolitan areas is changing the way we live.


Crossroads, Hamlet, Village, Town (PAS 523/524)

2004 Paperback
An update of Randall Arendt's groundbreaking report on traditional neighborhoods, with new ordinance and subdivision regulations.


Community Indicators (PAS 517)

2003 Paperback
A guide to using community indicators to track past and current trends and make decisions about future outcomes.


E-Government (PAS 525)

2004 Paperback
Web-based citizen participation tools can streamline tasks such as permitting, provide in-depth information on plans, and expand visioning exercises.


Planning for the Deceased (PAS 572)

2013 Paperback
Can better cemeteries make better communities? As the baby boom generation ages, demand for interment is inevitably rising. The way planners respond will have lasting impact on cities and towns.


Planning for Wind Energy (PAS 566)

2011 Paperback
Communities across the country want to put the wind to work. This practical primer shows how to make wind energy a powerful part of land-use planning.


E-Government (PAS 564)

2011 Paperback
This updated edition shows how today's technologies are making public planning more efficient, cost-effective, and engaging.


Planning and Broadband (PAS 569)

2012 Paperback
In the digital age, local planners must make broadband infrastructure as commonplace as water, sewerage, and power systems, this report argues.


Becoming an Urban Planner

2010 Paperback
Here is a completely up-to-date guide to today's careers in urban planning, a clear and concise survey of the urban planning field and advice for navigating a successful career.


Growing Greener

1999 Paperback
Randall Arendt offers detailed explanations of resource-conserving development techniques that make both environmental and economic sense.


Urban Planning and Politics

1997 Paperback
This book shows citizens, professionals, and students how planning can and does serve the public interest through changing the built environment.


Caring for the Land (PAS 328)

1977 Paperback
A comprehensive, easy-to-read introduction to site design and review, filled with illustrations and maps.


A Planners Guide to Sustainable Development (PAS 467)

1996 Paperback
How planners can help make sustainability a reality in their communities.


Traffic Sheds, Rural Highway Capacity, and Growth Management

1999 Paperback
Road networks in some rural communities are simply inadequate to support additional development, and substantial improvement may be too costly. Traffic sheds, a new concept for many planners, can be used both for traffic analysis and regulation.


Transportation Demand Management (PAS 477)

1998 Paperback
Case studies show how transportation demand mangement can make dramatic improvements in air pollution and traffic congestion-without hampering development.


Zoning for Child Care (PAS 422)

1989 Paperback
Creative ways governments can encourage and improve child care.


Lights, Camera, Community Video (PAS 500/501)

2001 Paperback
Use the power and excitement of video to encourage residents to convene publicly to discuss the issues and opportunities facing their community and to consider choices to shape their future.


Nonpoint Source Pollution (PAS 476)

1997 Paperback
This comprehensive guide tackles one of the most common threats to both surface and underground water supplies.


Results 1-20 of 210