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APA National Planning Conference - Online Program

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6:45AM P009 Planning Directors Breakfast
7:00AM X131 Federal Planning Division Business Meeting
7:15AM X013 Technology Division Business Meeting
7:15AM X123 Sustainable Communities Division Business Meeting
7:30AM W011 Running Historic Streets
8:00AM W205 GIS for Planners – Location Analytics CM | 1.5
8:00AM S900 Opening Keynote: Rear Admiral Boris D. Lushniak, Acting U.S. Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service CM | 1.0
8:00AM X002 Planning Accreditation Board General Meeting and School Reviews
9:00AM X119 Resume Clinic
9:00AM P302 Orientation Tour Atlanta: From Terminus to the 21st Century CM | 2.0
9:30AM P004 Academic Planner and APA Leadership Networking Event
9:30AM S203 Learning Theater Session: AARP's Livability Index
9:45AM W405 Advanced Transportation Planning: Transportation Solutions in a MAP-21 World CM | 8.0
9:45AM X111 Mentor Match Meet up
10:00AM W001 Urban Agriculture in Metro Atlanta CM | 5.0
10:00AM W204 GIS for Planners – ArcGIS for Grants CM | 1.5
10:15AM W002 Mixed Use Developments in Suburban Atlanta CM | 6.0
10:30AM S204 Learning Theater Session: Supercharge Your Data with Mapping
10:30AM W003 Columbus Urban Whitewater: Environment and Economy CM | 5.0
10:45AM S457 Immigration and Community Development CM | 1.25
10:45AM S455 Coding the Aerotropolis CM | 1.25
10:45AM S459 Successful Land Banks Policy Programs CM | 1.25
10:45AM S453 Safe Walking and Walkability for Health CM | 1.25
10:45AM S456 Community Energy Planning CM | 1.25
10:45AM S461 Missing Middle Housing CM | 1.25
10:45AM S460 Competitive Port Geography in Savannah CM | 1.25
10:45AM S250 EP Connection: Planners Leading Change
10:45AM S462 Sustaining Places with Comprehensive Plans CM | 1.25
10:45AM S463 Effectively Engaging Angry, Ill-informed Citizens CM | 1.25
10:45AM S464 Regional Urban Centers and Investment CM | 1.25
10:45AM S802 Planning Commissions and Historic Preservation CM | 1.25
10:45AM S803 Division Facilitated Discussion: Challenges in Federal Planning CM | 1.25
10:45AM S657 Ethics and Public Health CM | 1.5
10:45AM S813 Division Facilitated Discussion: From Sustainable Plans to Sustainable Communities CM | 1.25
10:45AM S700 Intelligent Cities: Top-Down, Bottom-up, or Sideways? CM | 1.25
10:45AM S454 Climate-Action Plans: Promises and Pitfalls CM | 1.25
10:45AM S451 BETTMAN SYMPOSIUM: Evolution of Affordable Housing Law CM | 1.5
11:30AM S205 Learning Theater Session: Economic Plan Review
12:15PM W004 Midtown: Business Improvement District at Work CM | 3.0
12:30PM W005 Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area CM | 3.0
12:45PM W006 Freedom Parkway Trail by Bike CM | 3.0
1:00PM S476 Redeveloping 'Greyfields': The County Government Role CM | 1.25
1:00PM S478 Dublin’s Urban Quarter Development CM | 1.25
1:00PM S471 Make No Small Performance Measures CM | 1.25
1:00PM S477 The Fall of Nonresidential Real Estate CM | 1.25
1:00PM S474 Planning Atlanta CM | 1.25
1:00PM S472 Participatory Budgeting in New York City CM | 1.25
1:00PM S479 The Politics of Public Goods and Private Capital CM | 1.25
1:00PM S475 21st-Century Challenges for Planning CM | 1.25
1:00PM S473 Metrics for Open Space and Trails CM | 1.25
1:00PM S251 EP Connection: Becoming AICP — Why Do It and What Do I Need To Know?
1:00PM S469 Infill Development in Distressed Cities
1:00PM S467 Transforming America’s Cities with Infrastructure CM | 1.25
1:00PM S470 Partnerships for Health CM | 1.25
1:00PM S468 Hollywood East? Film Studios in Massachusetts CM | 1.25
1:00PM S465 AIA, ASLA, APA Presidents Forum CM | 1.25
1:00PM S466 Capstone Session 2
1:00PM S480 Stabilizing and Adapting in Diverse Neighborhoods CM | 1.25
1:00PM W007 CANCELLED: Atlanta’s LGBT Communities: Past, Present, Future CM | 3.5
1:00PM S206 Learning Theater Session: Auto PreApplication/Public Comment
1:00PM S806 Division Facilitated Discussion: The State of State Planning CM | 1.25
1:00PM S805 Division Facilitated Discussion: Immigration Trends for Development CM | 1.25
1:00PM S804 Division Facilitated Discussion: Practical Parking Reform CM | 1.25
1:15PM W008 Preserving African American Historic Districts CM | 4.5
1:30PM P303 Orientation Tour Atlanta: From Terminus to the 21st Century CM | 2.0
1:30PM X122 Food Interest Group (FIG) Annual Meeting
1:45PM W009 The Atlanta Streetcar Success Story CM | 2.5
2:00PM W206 GIS for Planners – Citizen Engagement / Gov 2.0 CM | 1.5
2:00PM S207 Web GIS Applications for Local Government and Public Works
2:00PM W010 Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Transformation CM | 3.0
2:30PM S252 EP Connection: You Do What? — Communicating Your Value is Half the Battle
2:30PM S489 Managing Neighborhood Character through Retail Controls CM | 1.25
2:30PM S490 Reimagining the Northeast Corridor CM | 1.25
2:30PM S495 Zoning and Fair Housing: Requirements and Issues CM | 1.25
2:30PM S493 What Are the Costs to Serve Development? CM | 1.25
2:30PM S492 Planning for Jamborees and Mega Events CM | 1.25
2:30PM S494 Working with Planning Consultants CM | 1.25
2:30PM S491 New Scenario-Planning Tools CM | 1.25
2:30PM S488 Innovative Finance for Transportation CM | 1.25
2:30PM S485 Health, Equity, and Regional Community Planning
2:30PM S487 Foreclosures, Distress, and Neighborhood Response CM | 1.25
2:30PM S482 Adding Real Estate to the Planner’s Toolkit CM | 1.25
2:30PM S486 Applying for Planning Jobs CM | 1.25
2:30PM S483 Atlanta BeltLine Health Impact Assessment CM | 1.25
2:30PM S629 Overcoming Gender Bias in Immigrant Communities CM | 1.25
2:30PM S807 Best Practices for Implementing Plans CM | 1.25
2:30PM S809 Division Facilitated Discussion: Great Street Designs CM | 1.25
2:30PM S810 Career Reality Speed Dating 1
2:30PM X140 PDO Exchange
2:30PM S481 Three Shades of Green Certification CM | 1.25
2:30PM S808 Division Facilitated Discussion: The Economy of Immigration and Planning CM | 1.25
4:00PM S254 EP Connection: Starting and Running a Successful Planning Firm
4:00PM S421 Changing Your Department in Changing Times CM | 1.25
4:00PM S497 Developing TOD Affordable Housing CM | 1.25
4:00PM S496 Funding Corridor Revitalization CM | 1.25
4:00PM S498 Planning for Climate-Resilient Transportation CM | 1.25
4:00PM S500 Keeping the Comprehensive Plan Alive CM | 1.25
4:00PM S504 Ocean Economic Data for Redeveloping Waterfronts CM | 1.25
4:00PM S503 Making Space for Food Trucks CM | 1.25
4:00PM W207 GIS for Planners – Visualizing in 3D CM | 1.5
4:00PM S510 Pursuing the Promise: Fixing Bus Rapid Transit CM | 1.25
4:00PM S499 Integrating Health Into Local Planning CM | 1.25
4:00PM S505 Green Infrastructure for Community Health CM | 1.25
4:00PM S508 Preparing Communities for an Aging Population CM | 1.25
4:00PM S502 Benefits of the New Falcons Stadium CM | 1.25
4:00PM S507 Online Engagement in Planning CM | 1.25
4:00PM S509 Creatively Transforming Streets for People in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica CM | 1.25
4:00PM S812 Division Facilitated Discussion: Gender and Aging and Livable Communities CM | 1.25
4:00PM S811 Want to Be an Elected Official? CM | 1.25
4:00PM S839 Career Reality Speed Dating #2
4:00PM S506 Planning Sustainable Development Projects CM | 1.25
4:30PM P003 FAICP Induction Ceremony
5:00PM X143 Sustainable Communities Division Awards Celebration and Reception
5:30PM S514 Stakeholder Involvement and Atlanta’s BeltLine CM | 1.25
5:30PM S511 The 'Creative Class' and Downtown Renewal CM | 1.25
5:30PM S699 A Manifesto for Post-Industrial Cities CM | 1.25
5:30PM S512 A New Model of Community-University Partnerships CM | 1.25
5:30PM S522 Reclaiming Vacant and Abandoned Buildings CM | 1.25
5:30PM S515 Fast, Funny, & Passionate 1 CM | 1.25
5:30PM S519 Growing Food Connections CM | 1.25
5:30PM S520 Innovating Public Engagement in Washington, D.C. CM | 1.25
5:30PM S516 Priced-Managed Lanes CM | 1.25
5:30PM S521 Transforming Blight with Food and Partnerships CM | 1.25
5:30PM S518 Good, Bad, and Ugly Planning Departments CM | 1.25
5:30PM S517 Small-Town Planning CM | 1.25
5:30PM S513 CANCELLED - Creating Successful Community Innovation Districts
6:00PM P010 Small Town and Rural Planning Division Dinner: Ethics for the Small Town and Rural Planner CM | 1.5
6:15PM P005 FAICP Induction Reception
6:30PM P006 Urban Design & Preservation Division and Planning and the Black Community Division Cocktail Reception
6:30PM P007 Federal Planning and Private Practice Division Joint Networking Reception
7:00PM P101 A Georgia Hoedown
7:00PM X017 County Planning Division Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation
7:00PM X109 City Planning and Management Business Meeting
7:00PM X129 Food Interest Group (FIG) Happy Hour