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APA Streaming Media: How It Works

Contents of APA Streaming Media

APA training products delivered online contain:

  • Self-running PowerPoint presentation with audio
  • Transcript (with and without PowerPoint slides)
  • Note sheets
  • Resource materials
  • Speaker biographies

How Do I Purchase APA Streaming Media?

Visit APA's Streaming Media store at

Select a product or products, place them in your shopping cart, and follow the directions to complete your online transaction.

Free streaming products must be placed in the shopping cart and the directions followed to complete the transaction, but no payment will be required.

What Happens After I Make My Purchase?

After your purchase has been processed, you will see a receipt on screen. This receipt contains a link that will lead to the streaming product you purchased. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail from APA containing your receipt.

Clicking on the link will bring you to an overview web page that contains links to the presentation and any supplementary materials.

Individual and Group viewing: You may view the streaming presentation an unlimited number of times from the time of your purchase through the end of your six-month access period. Each product will display the end date of your access period.

To view your available streaming products, visit and click on "My Digital Items" in the left-hand menu.

Group Viewing

The group viewing option allows you to purchase access to a streaming presentation, then gather as many people as desired together to watch the group showing of the product.

Group Viewing Details

Once you purchase access to the product, you should wait until you are ready for the showing to activate it in My Digital Items.

Once you activate the product, you will have six months to host your group viewing. All streaming education products are available for group viewing. Products that offer Certification Maintenance (CM) credit have separate pricing for group viewing and individual viewing. 

Test the product on your equipment 24 hours before the showing. Read the section below, "What Technology Is Required?" Remember to test your software, the projection system, and the sound system in the room you are showing the program to make certain everything is working for a group showing.

Certification Maintenance: Group Viewing

AICP members and group viewing organizers: Follow these steps for claiming Certification Maintenance credits for a group viewing of streaming education:

PLEASE NOTE: You may view a streaming education product more than once; however, you may claim CM credit for only one viewing.

  1. The group viewing organizer downloads a sign-in sheet from the launched product page — in the section called "Resource Materials." AICP members who wish to claim CM credit sign it.
  2. The organizer submits the sign-in sheet to APA via e-mail at
  3. The AICP member completes a mandatory online evaluation of the program. The organizer of the group viewing will provide AICP members with the link to the online evaluation. The link is found on the launched product page under "Resource Materials."
  4. The AICP member adds the credits to his/her log following the instructions in the section below: "Certification Maintenance: Individual Viewing."

Learn more about Certification Maintenance

Certification Maintenance: Individual Viewing

Streaming media training products offer Certification Maintenance (CM) credit for APA members who hold AICP certification.

If you partcipated in a group viewing, see the instructions above: "Group Viewing and Claiming CM Credit."

If you purchased streaming education for individual viewing, follow the steps below:

To receive CM credit, AICP members must listen to the training product in full, and then complete an evaluation of the product at

PLEASE NOTE: You may view a streaming education product more than once; however, you may claim CM credit for only one viewing.

Claim your CM credit by using the following steps:

  1. Log into the APA website using your APA ID number and password.
  2. Visit and select Add CM-Registered Credits
  3. In the box to the right of the calendar, click on the Distance tab
  4. Narrow your search by typing a portion of the title, for example, "Planning Law" into the search box, and click Search
  5. Click the "Add to My Log" button next to the training product you wish to log.
  6. Please insert the date you completed the product, rate the event, add a comment (optional), and click on the Ethics statement and answer, before clicking Submit.

Learn more about Certification Maintenance

What Technology Is Required?

PC Minimum System Requirements

Macintosh Minimum System Requirements

Browsers supports the following web browsers. Whichever browser you choose, we recommend that you download the most recent version. We fully support the two most recent versions.