Student Representatives Council Podcast Club

About the Podcast Club

The SRC is hosting a podcast club — like a book club, only you will simply listen to a podcast episode in preparation for a virtual group discussion.

Podcast topics will vary, but the conversations and the club's intent will be centered around systemic inequities and racism as it relates to urban planning; given worldwide civic unrest in response to wide-scale systemic racism in the US and elsewhere, there is no other topic that presently needs such urgent learning and space for discussion. Topics and discussions will be curated and facilitated by the APA Student Representatives Council Programing Committee.

How to Join

Register in advance to attend the podcast club meetings. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting along with further details about accessing the podcast.

Previous Episodes

99% invisible logo
December 1, 2020

Topic: Equity

This month we will be listening to and discussing Missing the Bus by 99% Invisible. Join us as we discuss how the humble bus can, if we give it a chance, transform our cities into more sustainable, equitable places.
Listen to Missing the Bus by 99% Invisible Podcast
Watch Missing the Bus by 99% Invisible: An SRC Podcast Club Discussion

Code Switch logo
October 27, 2020

Topic: Redlining

This month we will be listening to and discussing the Code Switch's Location! Location! Location! podcast. The SRC Podcast Club is a place for Students and Emerging Professionals to gather and discuss pressing issues facing the planning field and the world.
Listen to Location! Location! Location! Podcast
Watch Location! Location! Location!: An SRC Podcast Club Discussion

Edna Ledesma headshot
July 28, 2020

Topic: Urban Design

Listen to APA's very own Edna Ledesma, assistant professor in the Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison discusses marginality and city design on the podcast From The Margins- Perspectives on Architecture. After listening to Enda's featured podcast, students and young planners convened on to engage in a fruitful discussion. The group shared diverse perspectives and offered insights and takeaways for the planning practice.
Listen to From The Margins — Perspectives on Architecture Podcast
Watch Marginality and City Design: An SRC Podcast Club Discussion

Future Podcasts

What should we listen to next? Give us your suggestions.