Anthony Flint and This Land

June 20, 2006

Is sprawl written into our DNA? Anthony Flint tackles tough questions like this in his book on why people choose to live where they do, This Land. He led a discussion of the battle over sprawl in the June 2006 installment of Tuesdays at APA. His wide-ranging analysis takes in smart growth, new urbanism, green building, property rights, safe growth, NIMBYism, and more. He offered recommendations for sensible development and insight into promising market trends.

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Anthony Flint

Anthony Flint is education director at the Office for Commonwealth Development in Massachusetts. He formerly covered planning, development, transportation, and architecture for The Boston Globe. While writing This Land, he was a visiting scholar at the Harvard School of Design. His Tuesdays at APA presentation is co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Planning Council and the Campaign for Sensible Growth in Illinois.