November 11, 2008

For planners there is no better time than now to start thinking about where our food comes from, beginning with the farm and ending on our plates. With a global food crisis gaining momentum what role can planners play in both preservation and improvement of the food system?

In this program, Lynn Peemoeller, co-chair of the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council, discussed the environmental, health, social justice, and policy implications of food, and she shared her perspective on how APA's Community and Regional Food Policy Guide informs the planner's role in the complex food system.

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Lynn Peemoeller

Lynn Peemoeller

Lynn Peemoeller is a food systems planner who lives in Chicago and works on projects and policy to support sustainable agriculture, strengthen the local food system, and encourage environmentally sound economic development. Peemoeller has more than 10 years experience with farmers markets throughout the country and was previously the program director at Sustain. Currently she is an independent consultant working on community food plans and a freelance writer on planning, food, and nature. Peemoeller is on the board of directors for Slow Food Chicago, and a co-chair of the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council.