Land Cover Classification

November 17, 2009

Land cover classification mapping has been used globally as a vehicle to assist in urban planning, transportation management, stormwater management, risk assessment, baseline information for water and air quality modeling studies, and a list of applications that continue to grow with the development of new technologies. The maps are derived from color-infrared imagery, not visible to the human eye, and they can reveal layers of information about individual parcels, blocks, districts, counties, or other target areas of interest.

In this program, William Peel, from RFP Mapping, shared how several large area organizations have used this technology to assist in the planning process.

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William Peel

William Peel

William Peel is a partner at RFP Mapping LLC, located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and he has represented the company nationally, speaking about the benefits of using land cover classification data and analysis as a foundation for many types of municipal planning. He has over 30 years of corporate business experience.