The Evolution of Our Suburbs

March 16, 2010

For the last few decades the Chicago region has been suburbanizing with little regard to energy use, climate change, and urban form. The relentless pursuit of property tax revenue and a focus on single uses and single-site developments distracts many suburban communities from the task of planning for a sustainable and livable built environment.

As planners, what should be our approach to the future of our suburbs? Can we afford to continue the growth and development patterns of the past few decades? Are there new growth patterns and new development tools that we can get ready now to be prepared for a different future?

In this program, Mahender Vasandani from M Square Urban Design shared thoughts on these and other questions in an effort to start a dialogue among planners about where we go from here and how.

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Mahender Vasandani

Mahender Vasandani

Mahender Vasandani is a practicing urban designer with experience in regional planning and architectural design. He established his firm M Square Urban Design to help public and private clients develop creative solutions for urban revitalization, community and neighborhood development, and site planning and design of individual buildings and complexes. His experience includes downtown urban design and TIF Plans for communities such as Elmhurst and Villa Park, as well as several town center plans.