More Smiles, Less Miles

May 11, 2010

Transportation is a major consideration when planning a region, city, suburb, or even a town center. It has become increasingly common for plans to discuss greenhouse gas emissions in addition to traffic congestion. The good news is that every day, more people are riding clean, riding less, and riding together. This means that millions are spending less on gasoline, helping our country become energy secure, and reducing emissions.

In this program, John Addison, author of the book Save Gas, Save the Planet, discussed how planners, government leaders, and engaged citizens can help create vibrant and sustainable communities through rail, bus rapid transit, last miles solutions to make transit accessible, bicycle and walking mode shifts, electric and high mileage cars, transportation demand management programs, and smart growth initiatives that include transit oriented development.

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John Addison

John Addison

John Addison is the author of the new book Save Gas, Save the Planet. The book details the future of transportation with a much lower carbon footprint than today's approach. John Addison also publishes the Clean Fleet Report which contains over 100 original articles and reports about new vehicles, low carbon fuels, and the future of intermodal transportation.