Benchmarking Progress of Bicycling and Walking Across the U.S.

February 11, 2014

Planners, government officials, and advocates all need data to make the case for active transportation improvements. The U.S. Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Project is an ongoing effort by the Alliance for Biking & Walking to collect and analyze data on bicycling and walking in all 50 states and the 50 most populous U.S. cities. Every two years the Alliance publishes the Benchmarking Report. The Report compiles, analyzes and contrasts data from over 20 government databases and reports, as well as from biennial surveys developed by the benchmarking team.

The 2014 Benchmarking Report shows the consistent growth of bicycling and walking in the U.S. paralleled with expanded infrastructure, policy and legislation adoption, funding levels, health and safety trends, multimodal integration, economic benefits, educational opportunities, and dedicated staffing. The 2014 Benchmarking Report adds analysis of public transit and its connection with bicycling and walking and expands city analysis to include 17 midsized cities.

The 2014 Benchmarking Report promotes data collection and availability, illustrates key trends, highlights the progress being made, and strengthens the case for a higher priority on funding for biking and walking infrastructure and initiatives. 

PDF of PowerPoint presentation (pdf)

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller is President/CEO of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, the North American coalition of more than 200 state and local advocacy organizations. He serves on the boards of America Bikes, America Walks, and Adventure Cycling Association. A graduate of College of the Atlantic, he was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, traveling and studying bicycling in 15 countries around the world. For 12 years, he grew the Bicycle Coalition of Maine into one of the strongest statewide bicycle coalitions before being recruited to head up the Alliance in 2008.