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January 2016

DC: Equitable Development: Social Equity by Design

June 2016

DC: The Impact of Business Improvement Districts in DC

February 2016

DC: Community Preference and Transportation Survey • CM | 1.0

July 2016

DC: NoMa Parks Walking Tour

March 2016

DC: Finding Economic Value in Parks • CM | 1.0


April 2016

DC: Transforming Everyday Spaces into Places for Play


May 2016

DC: Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transportation


January 2015

DC: Place Matters … and Why Policy Matters, Too

June 2015

DC: Urban Design and the Capital City

February 2015

DC: Strengthening Local Capacity for Data-Driven Decision Making • CM | 1.0

July 2015

DC: Source Water Protection in the 21st Century • CM | 1.0

March 2015

DC: National Green Building Standards Land Development Certification

October 2015

DC: Micro Placemaking with Macro Results: Designing DC's First Semi-Permanent Parklet • CM | 1.0

April 2015

DC: Growing Affordable Housing: Challenges Faced in Affluent Montgomery County

November 2015

DC: Why Local Food Matters • CM | 1.0

May 2015

DC: Linking Communities Together Through Innovative Regional Transportation Planning • CM | 1.0


January 2014

DC: Innovation in Sustainable Urban Housing: Four Case Studies in Latin America

Chicago: A Tale of Two Neighborhoods: The HUD Choice Neighborhoods Initiative in Action

July 2014

Chicago: Front-Line Perspectives from APA's Community Planning Assistance Teams • CM | 1.0

DC: Retail by the Numbers: The Vibrant Streets Approach to Making Neighborhoods

February 2014

DC: Benchmarking Progress of Bicycling and Walking Across the U.S.

Chicago: The Case for the Calumet National Heritage Area

August 2014

Chicago: "Wetrofitting" Urban Neighborhoods • CM | 1.0

March 2014

DC: The Missing Metric • CM | 1.0

Chicago: Municipal Design Review in Metropolitan Chicago • CM | 1.0

September 2014

Chicago: Principles to Guide the Future of Planning Practice • CM | 1.0

DC: The Landscape Performance Series: Showing Value to Create Change

April 2014

DC: Rethinking Federal Transportation Policy or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love General Fund Revenues • CM | 1.0

Chicago: Parking Management Strategies to Support Livable Communities • CM | 1.0

October 2014

Chicago: SymbioCity and the Planning of Hammarby Sjöstad • CM | 1.0

DC: A STAR is Born: The STAR Community Rating System and DC's 4-STAR Achievement

May 2014

DC: The Community Streets Program in Hounslow, London: A Community-Led Approach to Street Design

Chicago: A Factory in Every Home? New Manufacturing Technologies and Metropolitan Spatial Development • CM | 1.0

November 2014

DC: Parks and Smart Growth: When Will This Marriage Be Consummated?

Chicago: Supporting TOD in Metro Chicago • CM | 1.0 

June 2014

Chicago: Walkability: Fact or Myth? • CM | 1.0

DC: The Millennials: Myths and Realities

December 2014

DC: Greater Baltimore Wilderness: Green Infrastructure for Regional Resilience and Equity (Chicago on hiatus)


January 2013

Chicago: The Great Recession, Municipal Budgets, and Land Development

DC: Housing, Energy and Sustainability in Argentina: Challenges and Solutions

July 2013

Chicago: Sex, Guns, and God! The 1st and 2nd Amendments and Local Regulation

DC: Walter Reed Reuse Plan as an Urban Design Case Study

February 2013

DC: Film & Facilitated Discussion: The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

Chicago: Bus Rapid Transit in Chicago

August 2013

Chicago: Emotions and Planning

DC: How Well Do Comprehensive Plans Promote Public Health?

March 2013

DC: Supporting Conservation as a Land Use

Chicago: Just Green Enough: Contesting Environmental Gentrification

September 2013

DC: Moving from Planning to Implementation

Chicago: Prioritizing Water Supply Planning in the Chicago Region

April 2013

Chicago: Community Development Banking: What Your Bank Could Do to Support You

October 2013

Chicago: The Speculative City • CM | 1.0

DC: Planning the Home Front: How the Lessons of World War II Apply to Today

May 2013

Chicago: Planning Chicago: Reviving a Place for Planning in the City

DC: The Mutating Big Box

November 2013

DC: Complete Streets: Closing the Gap between Policy and Practice • CM | 1.0

Chicago: Plants, Paddles, and People: Creating Community through Green Infrastructure and Riverfront Development in Blue Island, Illinois • CM | 1.0

June 2013

Chicago: Making Your Development Approval Process an Economic Development Tool

DC: The Purple Line Coalition in Suburban Maryland: Why TOD Is Not Enough


January 2012

Chicago: Planning for and with Ecosystem Services

DC: Changing the Conversation: How Blogs Influence Planning

July 2012

DC: Arcosanti, Arcology and the Ecological Cities of Paolo Soleri

Chicago: The Legacy of Planning in Mariemont, Ohio, and Riverside, Illinois

February 2012

Chicago: Redfield to Redevelopment in Libertyville, Illinois

DC: Travel Behavior, Transport Policy, and Sustainable Transport in Germany and the USA

August 2012

Chicago: Chicago's Food Plan: A Recipe for Healthy Places

DC: Weight of the Nation: Film and Facilitated Discussion

March 2012

Chicago: Mobility Networks in the Americas: Local Politics and Cultural Paradigms

September 2012

Chicago: The Bloomingdale Trail and Park Framework Plan

April 2012

Chicago: Corridor Planning Across Municipal Boundaries

DC: The Sociable City: Planning, Smart Growth, and the Nighttime Economy

October 2012

DC: The Australian Planning Experience

Chicago: The Greenest Building

May 2012

Chicago: Closing the Gap: Public/Private Financing Tools and Development Feasibility

DC: Community Preference Survey and the Realtors' Perspective

November 2012

DC: Sustainable DC Plan

Chicago: Complete Streets: Tools to Move from Idea to Practice

June 2012

DC: Cycle Tracks and Other Innovations to Accommodate Increased Levels of Bicycling in Urban Areas

Chicago: Prospering in Place: Linking Jobs, Development, and Transit

December 2012

DC: Sustainable Workforce Deployment in an Age of Cyber Security, Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Limited Transportation Resources


January 2011

Chicago: A Template for Redeveloping Chicago's Neighborhoods

DC: Sustaining Places

July 2011

Chicago: Tools for Great Lakes Planners in NOAA's Digital Coast

DC: Arlington County's "Community Energy Plan"

February 2011

Chicago: Community Reinvestment and the Foreclosure Crisis

August 2011

Chicago: The Role of Planning in Stabilizing Distressed Properties

DC: Planning Capital Bikeshare

March 2011

Chicago March 15: Gary and Region Investment Project

Chicago March 22: Sustaining Places

DC: Reston Master Plan Special Study

September 2011

Chicago: Planning and Zoning for Natural Resource Protection

DC: Regional and Local Economic Development: A Global Perspective

April 2011

Chicago: The Plight of Black Coastal Landowners in the Sunbelt South

DC: Re-Planning Crystal City as a 21st Century Urban Village

October 2011

Chicago: Sustainable Regional Planning

DC: Congestion Management

May 2011

Chicago: Recycling in Chicago: Past, Present, and Future

DC: Region Forward: A Comprehensive Guide for Regional Planning

November 2011

Chicago: Prioritizing Green Infrastructure Investments

DC: Southwest Ecodistrict

June 2011

Chicago: Implementing Sustainable Cities in a Harsh Environment: Some Lessons Learned from Masdar

DC: BRT in Context: Colombia and New York

December 2011

DC: The Virginia Megaprojects Program


January 2010

Data Mining on Federal Websites

August 2010

Urban Morphology

February 2010

Beyond Burnham

September 7, 2010

The Abundant Community

March 2010

The Evolution of Our Suburbs

September 21, 2010

Moving America Forward: Federal Transportation Reauthorization

April 2010

Chicago's Central Area Action Plan

October 2010

Siting and Permitting Wind Farms

May 2010

More Smiles, Less Miles

November 2010

Cultural Resource Protection

July 2010

Penny Wise, Pound Fuelish


January 2009

Enhancing Your Community through Tree Preservation

July 2009

The Legacy of the Plan of Chicago

February 2009

Community Engagement

August 2009

Lessons from the Last Boom

March 2009

The World's Earliest Cities

September 2009

What to Do with 4,000 Surplus Lots in a Recession

April 2009

Engaging the Public with Technology

October 13, 2009

An International Perspective on Planning in 1909

May 2009


October 20, 2009

Effective Youth Engagement

June 2009

Re-energizing Public Housing

November 2009

Land Cover Classification


January 2008

The I-Go Car Sharing Program

July 15, 2008

Integrated Ecological Planning and Site Design

February 2008

City of American Dreams, A History of Chicago Homeownership

July 29, 2008

Sustainability Through Regional Transit Programs

March 2008

Madison Street Corridor Revitalization

September 2008

Local Planning for Broadband Infrastructure

April 2008

Green Infrastructure Mapping

October 2008

Employer-Assisted Housing

May 2008

Man, Machine, and Movement: The Parking Garage

November 2008

Food Systems Planning

June 2008

Chicago's Plan for the 2016 Olympics


January 2007

LISC Chicago's New Communities Program

July 2007

The Last Four Miles: Completing Chicago's Public Lakefront

February 2007

Chicago's Zoning History

September 2007

Historic Chicago Greystone Initiative

March 2007

Historic Preservation in Chicago

October 2007

Tax Increment Financing in the Chicago Region

May 2007

Effects of Regional Housing Dynamics on Older Suburbs

November 2007

Regional Water Supply Planning in Northeastern Illinois

June 2007

Planning in Today's New Orleans


March 2006

Selling Mixed Use in a Low Density Suburban Community

October 2006

The Politics of Planning

May 2006

On The Corner: Day Labor in the United States

November 2006

Regional Planning in Northeastern Illinois: A New Direction

June 2006

Anthony Flint and This Land

December 2006

The Two Visions of Private Land

August 2006

Using New Urbanism to Transform Corridors


September 2005

Too Big, Boring, or Ugly

December 2005

LEED Standards for Neighborhood Developments (LEED-ND)

November 2005

Post-Disaster Recovery Planning


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