Previous Tuesdays at APA Programs

Did you miss Tuesdays at APA? Check out information on past events plus recordings and PowerPoints from selected presentations.

The Tuesdays at APA program is being updated to bring you improved, innovative educational presentations. Please stay tuned for future sessions to be scheduled and thank you for your patience.

Learn how to claim CM credit for listening to selected Tuesdays at APA podcasts















September 2005

Too Big, Boring, or Ugly

November 2005

Post-Disaster Recovery Planning

December 2005

LEED Standards for Neighborhood Developments (LEED-ND)


CM Credit for Tuesdays at APA Podcasts

Many, but not all, Tuesdays at APA lectures from the past several months are available for free Certification Maintenance (CM) credit via on demand education.

Recordings that currently offer CM credit are labeled above with the CM logo CM | 1.0

Podcasts listed above that do not have the CM logo next to them are available for listening, but do not offer CM credit.

To receive CM credit, AICP members must listen to the audio recording in full, follow along with the provided PowerPoint, and then complete an evaluation of the audio recording at

Claim your CM credit by using the following steps:

  1. Log into the APA website using your APA ID number and password.
  2. Go to your CM log, find the section Add Credits, and click Add On-Demand Courses
  3. From the CM On Demand Course Search page, type the event title into the search field and click Go
  4. Select Add to My Log, rate the product, add a comment (optional), and answer the Ethics statement, click the box Agree
  5. Click Submit and verify that your CM credits have been recorded.

For assistance with your CM log, please contact our Customer Service at