Ask the Author: September 2015

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This Month: Water-Smart Development Regulations

Water, or the lack thereof, is always the subject of planning conversation in the arid and growing West. This is not necessarily a new idea, but it is one that has gained in recognition and discussion both inside and outside of planning circles over the past decade. As historic droughts collide with population increases in typically "wet" areas of the county, planning and zoning for water conservation concepts have also taken hold the Midwest and South.

The September issue of Zoning Practice explores how communities can better address the use of water through local regulations. It briefly explores how water use can be influenced by pricing and then looks at the range of regulations, particularly in the areas of lot design and landscaping, available at the local level to encourage and require water conservation.

Author Elizabeth Garvin, AICP, will be online during September to answer your questions about zoning for water conservation.  

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