Zoning Practice — April 2004

Ask the Author

Here are reader questions answered by Rebecca Retzlaff, AICP, author of the March 2004 Zoning Practice article "Agritourism Zoning Down on the Farm."

Question from Josh D. Peters, Associate Planner, Jefferson County Department of Community Development, Port Townsend, Washington:

I enjoyed your piece on agritourism and wanted to share with you some things that we're doing. Unless you're actively updating your matrix of agritourism-related codes across the country, it's probably too late to have our info integrated. Nonetheless, I thought you'd be interested to know of two things:

1. Washington State just amended its Growth Management Act to include language that expressly allows accessory uses on designated agricultural lands that support, promote, or sustain agricultural operations and production. Among these activities is agritourism. See Senate Bill 6237: www.leg.wa.gov/wsladm/billinfo1/bills.cfm

2. Jefferson County, Washington, is about to adopt amendments to its development regulations that, among other things, implement the newly signed law referenced above. Agritourism is a component of the amendments under case number MLA04-26. Look in the "UDC Amendments" section of this webpage: www.co.jefferson.wa.us/commdevelopment/Agriculture.htm

Answer from Rebecca Retzlaff:

Thank you for alerting us to the amendment to the Washington State Growth Management Act. It is interesting to see agritourism addressed at the state level. We will post the links to Growth Management Act amendment and the Jefferson County regulations on the Ask the Author website so that other Zoning Practice subscribers may use them.