Zoning Practice — August 2010

Ask the Author

Here are reader questions answered by Timothy Bourcier, AICP, author of the July 2010 Zoning Practice article "Electric Vehicles: Is Your Community Connected."

Question from Anne Fritzel, AICP:

In Washington State we passed a 2009 state law that requires local government to "allow" electric vehicles in all zones except residential, resource lands and critical areas, and at their discretion in those areas. Tim mentions the model ordinance that the state Department of Commerce and Puget Sound Regional Council were preparing to assist cities and counties statewide to support electric vehicle use. This document is now complete and is posted at www.commerce.wa.gov/site/1342/default.aspx.

Answer from author Timothy Bourcier, AICP:

First off, thank you for reading the article and for letting us know about the update in status of the information to help communities in Washington prepare for EV use. This information will be helpful for practitioners, like myself, that will be assisting communities over the next few years to prepare themselves for the changes in new technology.

Speaking for the planning community, we appreciate the update and look forward to seeing Washington as a model community for electric vehicles. You may consider writing an article of your own discussing your experiences at some point to help other communities avoid pitfalls and take advantage of your knowledge.