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May 2013 / June 2013

Daniel Parolek: "Avoiding Common Form-Based Code Mistakes" Parts 1 and 2

December 2013

Dwight Merriam, FAICP, and Erica Rocha: "Don't Shoot from the Hip: Plan and Regulate Shooting Ranges"


February 2012

Donald Elliott, FAICP: "Consolidating Zoning Districts"

July 2012

Tom Daniels: "Zoning for Accessory Housing"

March 2012

Devin Lavigne, AICP: "New Tools for Zoning and Development Visualization"

October 2012

George Arimes: "Transparent Development Services"

April 2012

Terri Turner, AICP: "Promoting Flood Resiliency Through the Regulatory Process"

November 2012

Norman Wright, AICP: "Beyond the Density Standard"

June 2012

Lane Kendig: "Avoiding Idiotic Variances"

December 2012

Jeffrey Beiswenger, AICP: "Powering Down Zoning Regulations"


January 2011

John Jacob and Tommy Pacello: "Coastal Hazards and Smart Growth"

July 2011

Deborah Rosenthal, AICP, and Alfred Fraijo Jr.: "The Next Zoning Battleground: Trends and Challenges in Local Regulation of Medical Marijuana"

February 2011

David Dixon: "Rethinking Corridors"

August 2011

John W. Pestle: "Federal Cell Tower Zoning: Key Points and Practical Suggestions"

March 2011

Douglas Hammel, AICP: "Creating Design Guidelines That Work: Empowering the Local Planner"

December 2011

Arista Strungys, AICP: "Mapping Principles for Rezonings"

June 2011

Lane Kendig: "One District Zoning"


February 2010

Margaret Wuerstle: "A Sound Approach to Regulating Social Service Facilities"

August 2010

Timothy Bourcier, AICP: "Electric Vehicles: Is Your Community Connected"

April 2010

Nina Mukherji and Alfonso Morales: "Zoning for Urban Agriculture"

October 2010

Lora Lucero: "What Constitutes a 'Substantial Burden' Under RLUIPA?"

May 2010

Mary-Margaret Jenior, AICP: "Solar Access: Using the Environment in Building Design"

November 2010

Brian Ross and Suzanne Sutro Rhees, AICP: "Solar Energy and Land-Use Regulation"

June 2010

Erica Heller, AICP: "Planning and Zoning for Geothermal Energy"

December 2010

Bret Keast, AICP: "Defining and Measuring Community Character"


January 2009

V. Gail Easley, FAICP: "Overhauling Your Zoning Code"

August 2009

James Brindell: "Regulating the Architectural Character of a Community"

February 2009

Donald Shoup, FAICP: "Graduated Density Zoning to Encourage Land Assembly for Infill Redevelopment"

September 2009

Scott L. Reichle: "Local Zoning and Water Rights"

April 2009

Daniel R. Mandelker, FAICP: "Decision Making in Sign Codes"

October 2009

Rick Pruetz, FAICP, and Noah Standridge: "Is Your Community TDR-Ready?"

May 2009

Gail Feldman and Dan Marks, AICP: "Balancing the Solar Access Equation"

November 2009

David R. Godschalk, FAICP: "Safe Growth Audits"

July 2009

Todd Litman: "Parking Management Best Practices: Making Efficient Use of Parking Resources"

December 2009

V. Gail Easley, FAICP, and David A. Theriaque: "Distinguishing Between Detrimental and Benign Nonconformities"


January 2008

Tom Daniels: "Zoning for Successful Transferable Development Rights Programs"

August 2008

Erica Heller: "Urban Wind Turbines"

February 2008

Elisabeth Holler: "Monitoring Local Land Markets"

September 2008

Lora Lucero, AICP: "The Consistency Doctrine: Merging Intentions with Actions"

March 2008

Robert Parker: "A National Survey of Development Standards and the Impact on Housing Affordability"

October 2008

Adam Kingsley and Thomas Smith: "The Zoning of Religious Institutions in the Wake of RLUIPA — A Guide for Planners"

May 2008

Marya Morris, AICP: "Looking Ahead: Regulating Digital Signs and Billboards"

November 2008

Don Elliott, FAICP: "Better Zoning on the Web"

July 2008

Jim Schwab, AICP: "Better Foliage Through Zoning

December 2008

Tom Daniels: "Rural Zoning: Return to the Village"


January 2007

Jeffrey Lubell: "Zoning to Expand Affordable Housing"

July 2007

Daniel R. Mandelker, FAICP: "Planned Unit Developments and Master Planned Communities: Review and Approval Processes"

February 2007

Rebecca Retzlaff, AICP: "Habitat Loss: Global Crisis with a Local Solution"

August 2007

Gerrit-Jan Knaap and Megan Rhodes: "Is Zoning a Barrier to Multifamily Housing?"

March 2007

Dwight Merriam, FAICP: "Ozzie and Harriet Don't Live Here Anymore: Time to Redefine Family"

November 2007

Jeff Hirt and Joe Sellars: "Goodbye Main Street?"

May 2007

John R. Nolon: "The Quiet Revolution in Training Citizen Planners"

December 2007

Leslie Pollock and Arista Strungys: "Why Do Site Plan Review?"


January 2006

Jennifer Evans-Cowley, AICP: "Regulatory Strategies for Big Boxes"

June 2006

Gail Easley, FAICP: "Conditional Uses: Using Discretion, Hoping for Certainty"

February 2006

Donald Shoup, FAICP: "The Practice of Parking Requirements"

August 2006

Christopher Duerksen: "Got Trees?"

March 2006

Tony Smith, AICP, and Steve B. Friedman, AICP: "Market Analysis: A Zoning Necessity"

September 2006

S. Mark White: "Development Codes for Built Out Communities"

April 2006

David R. Godschalk, FAICP: "Buildout Analysis: A Valuable Planning and Hazard Mitigation Tool"

November 2006

Eric Damian Kelly, FAICP, and Connie Cooper, FAICP: "Regulating Sex Businesses"

May 2006

Jennifer Evans-Cowley, AICP: "Zoning for Universal Design and Visitability"

December 2006

Lisa Nisenson: "Stormwater Regulation and Urban Design"


January 2005

Steve Price: "Visualizing Change: Photo-reimaging America's Built Landscape"

October 2005

S. Mark White, AICP: "Classifying and Defining Uses and Building Forms: Land-Use Coding for Zoning Regulations"

February 2005

James van Hemert: "The Development Review Process: A Means to a Noble and Greater End"

November 2005

Erin Sass Eastman and Jerry Anderson: "Reducing Bias on Zoning Boards"

July 2005

Arthur Ientilucci, AICP: "Monitoring and Evaluating a Zoning Code"

December 2005

Brian Ohm: "Let the Courts Guide You: Planning and Zoning Consistency"


January 2004

Harvey S. Moskowitz and Carl Lindbloom: "Why Definitions"

August 2004

David L. Crawford: "Bright Days, Dark Nights: Regulating Light"

April 2004

Rebecca Retzlaff: "Agritourism Zoning Down on the Farm"

September 2004

Hank Dittmar and Ellen Greenberg, AICP: Two articles on transit oriented development

June 2004

Cynthia Bowen: "Landscape Ordinances: To Define and Protect"

October 2004

Nicholas J. Brunick: "The Inclusionary Housing Debate"

June 2004

David Rouse and Nancy Zobl: "Form-Based Development Codes"

November 2004

Nicholas J. Brunick: "Inclusionary Housing, Part II: Proven Success in Large Cities"

December 2004

Stuart Meck and Marya Morris: "Formatting and Writing the Staff Report"