Housing and Community Development

Welcome to the Housing and Community Development Division Website!

Healthy, vibrant communities are a primary goal of successful planning.  The Division gives planners a forum for sharing best practices, staying informed on policy issues and enhancing knowledge.  The objectives of the Housing and Community Development Division are to:

• Encourage and support efforts to plan for housing and community development, especially in relationship to the provision of shelter, human needs and the development of the built environment.
• Establish useful relationships among professionals in planning, public administration, social work, health care, education, government, and research who share a common professional interest and affiliation with planning for housing and community development.
• Provide for the exchange of information and ideas among members about planning for housing, community development and human services.
• Educate other planning professionals and practitioners about the importance of the social and human services dimensions of planning, as well as technical innovation in the development, implementation and evaluation of housing and community development plans.
• Report on research activities related to planning for housing and community development.

Our current main area of focus is on effective and engaging regular communication to members.  This year we set up a policy committee to inform members of the issues that impact housing and community development nation-wide.  We introduced Facebook and LinkedIn pages and invite members to share and learn.

We hope you will join us!

Mitzi Barker, FAICP


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