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Great Places in America Announced

Every year APA honors and recognizes Great Places in America — neighborhoods, public spaces, and streets across America that have added value to their communities. Check out the 2015 designees.

Upcoming Events

It's APA Chapter Conference Season — Many of APA’s state and regional chapters hold their annual conferences during the autumn. See if your chapter’s conference is coming up.

Signature Webinar Series — October 14: "The Big Chance Lecture" CM

Tuesdays at APA Thursday, October 15 in DC: "Micro Placemaking with Macro Results: Designing DC's First Semi-Permanent Parklet" CM

Planning Information Exchange Free Webinar — October 19: "Hazards Planning and Resilience: The Elected Official's Perspective" CM

AICP Symposium — October 28 in DC: "Green Stormwater Infrastructure" CM

New Publications from APA

Rural by Design book cover

Rural by Design

When this planning classic by author Randall Arendt first appeared 20 years ago, it showed how creative, practical land-use planning can preserve open space and keep community character intact. The second edition of Rural by Design shifts the focus toward infilling neighborhoods, strengthening town centers, and moving development closer to schools, shops, and jobs. Readers will find practical advice about planning for the way we live now.

Street Graphics and the Law cover

Street Graphics and the Law (PAS 580)

Completely updated, the fourth edition of this influential text has the latest on the evolution of digital signs and the last word on legal points every planner should know. Readers will find best practices from the United States Sign Council and a new model street graphics ordinance, along with a primer for protecting sign regulations from attacks. Find the guidance you need to steer your street graphics program in the right direction.