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  • COVID-19 | Hazards | Health | Plans

    COVID-19 & the Future of Planning

    The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how we live, work, play, and move around our communities. It also has changed how planners think about and prepare for the future, while navigating the impacts of social inequity.
  • Housing Policy | Law

    Housing for Diversity: Ending Segregation Through Zoning

    Limiting zoning districts to homes occupied by the historical definition of “family” contained in zoning codes has encouraged residential segregation and housing unaffordability. This course examines existing laws and offers suggestions for how zoning might be tweaked to respond to many of the changing norms of the American family.
  • Planning Methods and Tools | Public Participation | Social Justice and Equity

    What is a Diálogo?

    The original purpose behind all the Diálogos was to set a national agenda for planning for Latinos in the U.S. and to ultimately provide a tool for Latino planners. Diálogos is a bottom-up approach that provides a platform for those voices of communities to be heard, and pathway to bring them to the planning table.

Featured Video

Road to Recovery: An APA Chat with John Porcari

APA president Kurt Christiansen, FAICP, chats with John Porcari, president of Advisory Services for WSP and former deputy secretary at U.S. DOT, about the road to recovery and the essential role of planners in restoring our economy and rebuilding communities.