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Conference Registration Continues

This year's National Planning Conference in Seattle is a blockbuster. More people, more buzz, more networking! Join the crowd April 18-21 and be part of a global conversation about the issues that matter most to you.

Check out the full conference program — sessions, mobile workshops, institutes, symposia, and more.

Online registration continues until noon April 21.

Upcoming Events

Tuesdays at APA April 7: "Growing Affordable Housing: Challenges Faced in Affluent Montgomery County" CM

Audio/Web Conferences — Webcasts from the National Planning Conference in Seattle: April 18: "Negotiation Skills for Planners"; April 19: "Planning and Climate Change Symposium"; April 20: "Assessing Existing Conditions with Census Data"; April 20: "Planning Commissioner Ethics" CM

2015 National Planning Conference April 18-21, 2015, in Seattle CM

New Publications from APA

Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery cover

Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans (PAS 578)

Learn the steps and standards for putting sustainability in its place — at the heart of the long-range plan — in the latest PAS Report to come out of APA's Sustaining Places Initiative. Share experiences from big cities and small towns, plus real-world ideas for meeting the greatest planning challenge of our time. This report is not a recipe. It's a resource with principles, processes, and pointers communities can use to forge their own solutions.

Planning Atlanta cover

Planning Atlanta

More than any other major U.S. city, Atlanta regularly reinvents itself. From the Civil War to the 1996 Olympic boom to the current housing crisis, the city's history is a cycle of rise and fall, ruin and resurgence. In Planning Atlanta, two dozen planning practitioners and thought leaders bring the story to life. They probe the city's economic and environmental growing pains. And they look toward new plans that will shape Atlanta's next incarnation.