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APA gives your planning career a boost through webinars, online resources, and advice from planning professionals in a wide array of occupations.

Career Resources

Career Reality Webinars

APA's Career Reality Webinars offer practical tips on job search and professional development issues for new and seasoned planners alike.

Planning Career GPS

APA offers resources to help you advance your career and employability advice from industry professionals.

Planner Profiles

Planner Profiles help you see yourself in the variety of occupations that employ planners in the public and private sectors and in jobs that don’t have planner in the title.

People Behind the Plans

Planners of every discipline share the impactful work they do in this podcast series. Led by host Courtney Kashima, AICP, these conversations illuminate the essential hows and whys of planning.

A Guide for the Idealist Blog Series

Richard Willson, FAICP, draws on years of experience in the classroom, as a researcher, and as a mentor to young planners to offer insights into decision making, doubt, types of work, and work settings.

Career Education

  • APA Women and Planning Division

    Strategies for Successful Salary Negotiations

    Planners, learn about the wage gap in general — and planning's wage gap in particular — to prepare to negotiate during your next review or as you are hired into a new position.
    • Melissa Dickens, AICP
    • Breanne Rothstein, AICP
    • Kimberly Prillhart, AICP
    • Tanya Stern, AICP
    • Mia Scharphie
    CM | 1.25
  • Planning Supervisor's Playbook Series

    Jumping into a supervisory role or any level of management is a career goal many people share. While basic management skills are a necessity, there are unique challenges and situations which only a planner will face. This six-part series course is designed to provide you with tools needed for supervisory success.
    • Aimee Nassif, AICP
    • Matthew Brandmeyer, AICP
    • James Peters, FAICP
    CM | 7
    L | 1.50
    E | 1.50
  • Planning Ethics and Today's Challenges

    All practitioners sometimes grapple with the right thing to do in complex and often ambiguous situations that seem inconsistent with their own experiences or the AICP code. Learn how to make ethical decisions more easily.
    • Carolyn Loh
    • Bonnie Johnson, AICP
    • Mickey Lauria
    • Nader Afzalan
    • Lisa Schweitzer
    • Sandra Rosenbloom
    CM | 1.50
    E | 1.50
  • Putting the Activist in Bureactivist

    Hear how your values and career can align while working for government or private-sector institutions. Early career professionals share their journeys, triumphs, and challenges. This session is ideal for professionals considering what's next and managers pondering recruitment and retention.
    • Danielle DeRuiter-Williams
    • Melissa Higbee
    • Katherine Buckingham
    • Jacob Bintliff
    • Rachael Tanner
    CM | 1
  • Planning, Politics, Promotion

    Position yourself for your next promotion! Hear career success stories and participate in a discussion with a diverse group of planning directors representing a variety of nationally known cities.
    • Thomas Madden, AICP
    • Jeffrey Williams, AICP
    • Sabrina Charney Hull, AICP
    • Christopher Gomez, AICP
    CM | 1.25