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Power ToolsAPA's Planning Advisory Service (PAS) will keep you ahead of the curve. The next time a new project lands on your desk, don't scramble — just turn to PAS for the answers you need. Whether you're rewriting your sign ordinance or evaluating your community's solar energy potential, your organization's subscription to PAS means you'll always know what the experts are saying and what's working for communities like yours.

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PAS is not just for APA members! Any public agency, private firm, nonprofit organization, or library can subscribe to PAS.

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When your organization subscribes to PAS, you and all of your co-workers get the confidence that comes from knowing you'll always have the right information at your fingertips:

  • Quarterly PAS Reports that offer industry-standard guidance on everything from planning for climate change to fiscal impact analysis
  • Unlimited access to a team of on-call researchers at the Inquiry Answer Service
  • The bimonthly PAS Memo, a concise look at solutions that are working for other planners right now
  • A growing series of briefing papers, PAS QuickNotes, that can help you explain planning concepts to officials, the public, and new staff
  • Dozens of PAS Essential Info Packets, collections of sample ordinances, how-to guides, and recommended reading on topics like complete streets and RLUIPA

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When your organization subscribes to the Planning Advisory Service, everyone in the office gets access to PAS resources.

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PAS Recommends

You can search the APA Library's catalog of more than 4,200 planning publications online. Or use the library's new Planners Bibliography for annotated listings.

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APA's Energy and Climate Database offers a unique look at how communities are integrating energy and climate change issues into planning.

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Solar Energy

Thanks to a partnership with DOE, ICMA, and ICLEI, APA is extending assistance to all planners, public officials, and solar advocates looking for information about how to promote solar energy use.

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This Month at PAS

March 2015

You Asked. We Answered.

How can we create a "food overlay district"?

Find out how we answered

Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans

The latest PAS Report presents a set of principles, processes, attributes, and supporting best practices that summarize how communities can address the sustainability of human settlements through the comprehensive plan.

Geodesign and the Future of Planning

Read the latest PAS Memo for an exploration of how planners can apply geodesign processes in their communities

The Value of Planning

Read the latest PAS QuickNotes for an overview of some of the fundamental social, economic, and environmental benefits of planning.

Sustaining Places Practices for Comprehensive Planning

Read the latest PAS Essential Info Packet for links to comprehensive plans that incorporate many of the best practices identified through the Sustaining Places initiative.

Historic PAS Reports

See what planners in the 1960s were learning about planning-related periodicals in PAS Report No. 192.

And check out the whole series of early reports available online.