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Planners have turned to the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) for information and innovation since 1949. PAS is APA's flagship research brand, with a suite of publications and curated content.

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To build a stronger community, you need the right tools. APA members and PAS subscribers get a well-stocked toolbox of digital access to:

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Organizations that subscribe to PAS get full access for staff members to the digital suite of PAS Reports, PAS Memo, PAS QuickNotes, and APA's Research KnowledgeBase. APA members also have online access to PAS publications and the Research KnowledgeBase.

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PAS Reports

Cover of PAS Report 604, Planning With Artificial Intelligence

Practical Guides for Practicing Planners

PAS Reports deliver authoritative guidance on trending issues and practices. APA members and PAS subscribers can download each new report as it is posted and can access the digital archive of more than 100 reports.

Planning With Artificial Intelligence, the latest PAS Report, explores what planners need to know about this emerging and transformative technology.

PAS Memo

Cover of PAS Memo 116: Identifying Activity Centers: A How-To Guide

Best Shoptalk Around

What's working in communities like yours? These practice-focused articles bring you actionable information from planners around the country facing the same challenges you are. APA members and PAS subscribers are connected to an archive of previous issues.

Read "Identifying Activity Centers: A How-To Guide," the latest PAS Memo, to learn a new methodology for identifing these building blocks of our economy to help focus investment and development where it can most benefit your community.

PAS QuickNotes

Cover of PAS QuickNotes 101: ChatGPT: Implications for Planning

Handy Handouts on Hot Topics

Bite-size backgrounders covering important planning issues and emerging trends for a fast basic understanding. Ideal for practicing planners to familiarize themselves with important topics and future-focused tools.

"ChatGPT: Implications for Planning," the latest PAS QuickNotes, explores the possibilities and pitfalls of this emerging generative AI technology for planning practice.

Research KnowledgeBase

Digital Twins and Planning.

The Library of Everything Planning

Curated, searchable collections of topically related resources, both APA and non-APA. Find reports, articles, sample plans and regulations, and a wide range of other resources on 70 planning topics and counting.

"Digital Twins and Planning," the latest Research KnowledgeBase Collection, offers dozens of resources on how planners can help communities use digital twins for scenario planning and urban management.