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PAS QuickNotes is a series of briefing papers that provides planning fundamentals for public officials and engaged citizens.

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Planning to Support Small Businesses

Traditionally, economic development practice has focused disproportionately on attracting and retaining large employers. In some communities the potential rewards associated with business attraction make the investment worthwhile. In many others, though, focusing on supporting small businesses is a better bet than competing against neighboring or peer communities for the "big fish." The latest edition of PAS QuickNotes explains the economic importance of small businesses, describes the three basic stages of small business development, and highlights three broad strategies for supporting small businesses through local planning efforts.

Community Benefits Agreements

New infill and redevelopment projects often bring substantial economic benefits to host communities. However, without careful consideration of the impact of new development on existing communities, there is a risk that the benefits of large-scale development projects will be inequitably distributed. One of the most promising tools for addressing equity concerns associated with new development is the community benefits agreement (CBA).

The latest edition of PAS QuickNotes provides an overview of CBAs and highlights different roles local officials can play in CBA processes.

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