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Regulating Short-Term Rentals

The concept of renting rooms or homes on a short-term basis is not new. Many cities have boarding houses that rent rooms by the week or month, just as many small towns and rural areas host bed and breakfasts. And in some tourist hotspots, dedicated vacation rentals are common. However, new online services that facilitate short-term rentals have led to a rapid proliferation of home sharing as an alternative to more traditional visitor lodging arrangements in communities across the country. In many places, this trend has sparked debates about whether or not new regulatory or enforcement mechanisms are necessary to mitigate potential effects on host communities. The latest edition of PAS QuickNotes provides some background on the short-term rental market and explores a series of important policy considerations for communities experiencing rising demand for short-term rentals.

Local Control and Wireless Facilities Siting

Cell towers and antennas are necessary to support the mobile telecommunications networks that allow us to check our email while waiting in line, get weather or traffic alerts in real time, or post selfies from a mountaintop. Wireless facilities can also be critical to providing broadband access in low-density or rural areas or areas with challenging geography, where traditional wired access may not be provided by a telephone company or cable provider. While the siting of wireless facilities is largely a local issue, subject to local zoning regulations and permitting processes, federal and (in many cases) state laws limit the extent of local control. The latest edition of PAS QuickNotes presents a brief overview of these limits and discusses some key considerations for local policy.

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