APA divisions are a reflection of you. Are you looking for a community of professionals with opportunities to lead, affect policy, develop professionally, and stay up to date?

Where do you see yourself? Do you see yourself in a leadership role? Taking the next step in your career? Advancing ideas that matter? Then you should see yourself in an APA division. Our divisions are communities of professionals with shared interests. They give their members opportunities to discuss ideas, contribute to national policy work, develop conference sessions, build partnerships, and more.

Find out which APA division is a reflection of you. See the list of divisions below or click on the See Yourself brochure icon for more information and complete the application on the last page to join one or more APA division.

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There's an APA division just right for you!

There's an APA division just right for you!

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Which APA Divisions Do You See Yourself In?

City Planning and Management DivisionCity Planning and Management Division

I grapple with the challenges of agency management every day.

County Planning DivisionCounty Planning Division

I am interested in issues facing county, borough, or parish planners.

Economic Development DivisionEconomic Development Division

I know that many sectors of the economy should be promoted, including tourism, information technology, and other services, in addition to the manufacturing and retail sectors.

Environment, Natural Resources and Energy DivisionEnvironment, Natural Resources and Energy Division

I'm interested in the land use implications of environmental, natural, and energy resources management and conservation.

Federal Planning DivisionFederal Planning Division

I'm involved in planning for the future of federal properties located in the United States and abroad.

Gays and Lesbians in Planning DivisionGays and Lesbians in Planning Division

I'd like professional support that includes resources for gay and lesbian planners who may or may not be "out" in the workplace.

Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery PlanningHazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Planning

I am interested in making communities safer from both natural and man-made hazards and in planning recovery from resulting disasters.

Housing and Community   Development DivisionHousing and Community Development Division

I believe the need for more accessible and equitable communities is great.

International DivisionInternational Division

I am interested in planning practice and urban development in other countries, I live and work outside the United States, or I'd like to work outside the United States.

Latinos and Planning DivisionLatinos and Planning Division

I'm interested in sharing resources and ideas for the planning issues affecting Latino communities.

New Urbanism DivisionNew Urbanism Division

I'm interested in development patterns that are effective alternatives to sprawl.

Planning and the Black Community DivisionPlanning and the Black Community Division

I want to help my community collaborate and share resources with political, economic, and educational organizations.

Planning and Law DivisionPlanning and Law Division

I need to understand the diverse and constantly changing legal issues that affect the planning profession.

Planning and Women DivisionPlanning and Women Division

I'm interested in how women can affect the planning profession and promote professional growth.

Private Practice DivisionPrivate Practice Division

I need information on preparing proposals, selecting consultants, writing contracts, and marketing my services.

Regional and Intergovernmental Planning DivisionRegional and Intergovernmental Planning Division

I support policies that help local, regional, state, and national governments work together on development.

Small Town and Rural Planning DivisionSmall Town and Rural Planning Division

I am the planning department.

Sustainable Communities DivisionSustainable Communities Division

I believe that planning for sustainability is our profession's defining challenge in the 21st century.

Technology DivisionTechnology Division

I believe the planning community needs a voice to advocate for best practices in technology.

Transportation Planning DivisionTransportation Planning Division

I'm interested in affecting local, regional, state, and national transportation planning to help mobilize America in the most energy-efficient and sustainable way for future generations.

Urban Design and Preservation DivisionUrban Design and Preservation Division

I believe good urban design is essential to maintaining community character, a sense of place, quality of life, and economic vitality.

Division Initiatives

APA Divisions Initiatives bring focus to both the breadth and depth of planning challenges in local communities and neighborhoods throughout the nation. Divisions are rich in knowledge resources and expertise and can help guide fundamental transformative planning rooted in the unique needs of place to communities that are livable for all.

The diversity of interests represented by each Division frame this transformation from a variety of perspectives — mobilizing opportunities for insightful discussion and a context for meaningful decision making. Initiatives provide access to a repository of resources about emerging issues of interest to both planners and the public.

If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please contact Marj Press at mpp444@hotmail.com for more information. You also may contact any Division Chair to find out how to get involved in a division.

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