Planning Student Organizations

Each APA-registered Planning Student Organization (PSO) elects a Student Representative to represent their fellow students on the Student Representatives Council (SRC) and act as a liaison with its Executive Committee and APA. PSO Student Representatives are elected by each school on an ongoing basis.

You must register your PSO Student Representative with APA each academic year so we know who is representing your school on the SRC.

How to Register

Starting an APA Planning Student Organization (PSO) at your school is easy!

Follow two quick steps to get started.

  1. Do you have a minimum of 10 registered APA student members at your school? If not, APA student membership is free no matter what major — spread the word!

Apply for Student Membership

If your program is a full member of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning the requirement does not apply to you. Go ahead and register!

  1. After you have 10 registered APA student members, you can officially register your PSO.

Register Your PSO

After registration, PSOs enjoy annual orientations, quarterly town hall webinars, annual PSO toolkits, participation in the Outstanding PSO Award, and the opportunity to be showcased in APA publications.

Here are some ideas and examples of activities your PSO can start doing today.

List of Registered Planning Student Organizations


Alabama A&M University
Undergraduate Student Representative: Jala Christmas
Graduate Student Representative: Marvin Lotsah
Faculty Adviser: Deden Rukmana, Ph.D

Auburn University
Student Planning Association at Auburn University
Student Representative: Alyssa Albrecht
Faculty Adviser: Megan Heim LaFrombois, PhD, AICP
Career Department Adviser: Megan Heim LaFrombois, PhD, AICP


Arizona State University
Student Planning Association
Student Representative: Jacob Heid
Faculty Adviser: Meagan Ehlenz
Career Department Adviser: Samantha Samples

University of Arizona
Student Representative: Andrew Birkelbach
Faculty Adviser: Ladd Keith


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Cal Poly Pomona's American Planning Student Association APSA
Student Representative: Taylor Galindo
Undergraduate Faculty Adviser: Gwen Urey
Career Department Adviser: Gwen Urey

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Student Representative: Peyton Ratto
Faculty Adviser: Adrienne Greve, Ph.D.

California State University Northridge
Student Representative: Alex Lucy
Faculty Adviser: Craig Olwert, PhD

San Diego State University
Student Representative: Ricky Cervantes
Faculty Adviser: Sherry Ryan

San Jose State University
Student Representative: Izanie Love
Faculty Adviser: Richard Kos

University of California at Berkeley
UC Berkeley Planning Students Association
Student Representative: Angie Chen
Faculty Adviser: Karen Frick
Career Department Adviser: Natasha Gillooly

University of California at Irvine
Urban Planning Student Association
Student Representative: Mia Yuen
Faculty Adviser: Nicholas Marantz
Career Department Adviser: Jorge Padilla

University of California, San Diego
Young Planners Society
Student Representative: John Moore
Faculty Adviser: Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell, Ph.D., M.R.P.
Career Department Adviser: Jennifer Eller

University of Southern California (ASPD)
Student Representative: Dan Lamere
Faculty Adviser: Marysol Mondragon


University of Colorado, Denver
American Planning Association Student Chapter of the University of Colorado Denver
Student Representative: Levi Griffith
Faculty Adviser: Ken Schroeppel
Career Department Adviser: Jen Skidmore

District of Columbia

George Washington University
GW Sustainable Urban Planning Student Organization
Student Representative: Megan Steiner Potier
Faculty Adviser: Sandra Whitehead, PhD
Career Department Adviser: Nicole Mintz


Florida Atlantic University
Student Representative: Emily Lyn
Faculty Adviser: Peter Henn, JD, AICP

Florida State University
Faculty Advisers: Jeff Brown, April Jackson, PhD

University of Central Florida
Urban Knights Planning Association
Student Representative: Oghogho Oriakhi
Faculty Adviser: Owen Beitsch PhD, FAICP, CRE
Career Department Adviser: Edlira Dursun

University of Florida
Student Planning Association
Student Representative: Yesenia Castaneda
Faculty Adviser: Laura Dedenbach, PhD
Career Department Adviser: Laura Dedenbach, PhD

University of South Florida
USF Student Planning Organization
Student Representative: Kristin Combs
Faculty Adviser: Evangeline Linkous, PhD., AICP
Career Department Adviser: Evangeline Linkous, PhD., AICP


Georgia Institute of Technology
Student Planning Association
Student Representative: Claire Breeden
Faculty Adviser: Gulsah Akar
Career Department Adviser: Michael Elliott

University of Georgia
Student Representative: Phillip Jones
Faculty Adviser: Umit Yilmaz, PhD




University of Illinois at Chicago
Urban Planning and Policy Student Association (UPPSA)
Student Representative: Erin Ludwig
Faculty Advisor: Dominic Belcaster

University of Illinois at Chicago
Society of Black Urban Planners
Student Representative: Haley Sanders
Faculty Adviser: Stacey Sutton

University of Illinois at Chicago
Latino Planning Organization for Development, Education, and Regeneration (LPODER)
Student Representative: Jazmin Vega
Faculty Advisor: Dominic Belcaster

University of Illinois at Chicago
Women in Planning and Public Affairs (WPPA)
Student Representative: Johanna Blanco
Faculty Adviser: Catherine Lowe

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Student Representative: Elli Dastrup
Faculty Adviser: Dustin Allred


Ball State University
Student Representative: Daniel Grinspan
Faculty Adviser: Scott Truex


Iowa State University
Student Representative: Andre LaFontant
Faculty Adviser: Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock

Iowa State University
Student Representative: Keegan Haines
Faculty Adviser: Alenka Poplin

University of Iowa
School of Planning and Public Affairs Student Association
Student Representative: Elizabeth Brackett
Faculty Adviser: Haifeng Qian, Ph.D
Career Department Adviser: Janet Bell


Kansas State University
Student Representative: Zach Abell
Faculty Adviser: Huston Gibson

University of Kansas
Student Representative: Jared Clements
Faculty Adviser: Bonnie Johnson


University of Louisville
Student Representative: Charles Ames
Faculty Adviser: Kelly Kinahan\


University of New Orleans
Student Representative: Michael Billiot
Faculty Adviser: Marla K. Nelson, AICP


Morgan State University
Student Representative: Justin Fair
Faculty Adviser: Tonya Nashay Sanders-Thach

University of Maryland, College Park
Student Representative: Elizabeth Mekonnen
Faculty Adviser: Ariel Bierbaum


Boston University
Urban Planning Association
Student Representative: Cathy Fletcher
Faculty Adviser: Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz, Ph.D
Career Department Adviser: Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz, Ph.D

Harvard University
Harvard Urban Planning Organization
Student Representative: Briana Villaverde
Faculty Adviser: Ann Forsyth, PhD, AICP
Career Department Adviser: Ann Forsyth, PhD, AICP

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Student Representative: Anne Calef
Faculty Adviser: Ezra Glenn

Northeastern University
Northeastern MUPP PSO
Student Representative: Sarah Butts
Faculty Adviser: Gavin Shatkin
Career Department Adviser: Gavin Shatkin

Tufts University
Student Planning Organization
Student Representative: Tiffany Wu
Faculty Adviser: Christine Cousineau
Career Department Adviser: Aggeliki Barberopoulou

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Student Representative: Chanel Lobdell
Faculty Adviser: Mark Hamin, PhD


Grand Valley State University
Student Representative: Leah Anderson
Faculty Adviser: Chad Frederick

Michigan State University
Urban and Regional Planning Student Association
Student Representative: Sommer Nafal
Faculty Adviser: Zeenat Kotval-Karmchandani, AICP
Career Department Adviser: Ming-Han Li

University of Michigan
Student Representative: Tahir Noronha
Faculty Adviser: Robert Goodspeed
Career Department Adviser: Lou Ecken Kidd


University of Minnesota
Student Representative: Aidan Breen
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Ryan Allen
Career Department Adviser: Anna Stepchuk


Jackson State University
Student Representative: Shu-Marraka Johnson
Faculty Adviser: Joan Wesley, PhD


Missouri State University
Student Representative: Christopher Lynn
Faculty Adviser: Krista Evans, PhD
Career Department Adviser: Krista Evans, PhD

University of Missouri, Kansas City
Planning and Design Student Organization
Student Representative: Joseph Ortiz
Faculty Adviser: Michael Frisch
Career Department Adviser: Michael Frisch


University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Student Representative: Lynsey Byers
Faculty Adviser: Zhenghong Tang
Career Department Adviser: Zhenghong Tang

New Jersey

Rowan University
Rowan University Student Planning Organization
Student Representative: Graham Luther
Faculty Adviser: Megan Bucknum
Career Department Adviser: Nadia Rahin

Rutgers University
Blosutein Graduate Student Association
Student Representative: Olubori Agboola
Faculty Adviser: Juan Ayala
Career Department Adviser: Andrea Garrido

New Mexico

New York

Cornell University
Student Representative: Shivani Aysola
Faculty Adviser: Stephan Schmidt
Career Department Adviser: Stephan Schmidt

New York University
Urban Planning Student Association
Student Representative: Sarah Ahmad
Faculty Adviser: Vanessa Deane
Career Department Adviser: Kristen Cutler

University at Albany, State University of New York
Student Representative: Emily Loughlin
Faculty Adviser: David Lewis

University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Student Representative: Tyler Madell
Faculty Adviser: Daniel Hess

North Carolina

East Carolina University
Student Planners’ Action Network
Student Representative: Cooper Hilbert
Student Representative: Caroline Van Staalduinen
Faculty Adviser: Misun Hur, PhD
Career Department Adviser: Misun Hur, PhD

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Student Representative: Douglas Bright and Austin Amandolia
Faculty Adviser: Thomas William Lester


Cleveland State University
Cleveland State University American Planning Association
Student Representative: Connor Brentar
Faculty Adviser: Beth Nagy, Ed.D
Career Department Adviser: Wendy Kellogg, Ph.D

University of Cincinnati
Undergraduate Student Representative: William Dian
Undergraduate Faculty Adviser: Christopher Auffrey
Graduate Student Representative: Reagan Noppenberger
Graduate Faculty Advisor: Johanna Looye

Ohio State University
Student Representative: Emily Long and Hunter Rayfield
Faculty Adviser: Maria Conroy


University of Oklahoma
Student Representative: Emily Fitzsimmons
Faculty Adviser: Charles Warnken


Portland State University
Planning Club
Student Representative: Gail Chastain
Faculty Adviser: Megan Horst
Career Department Adviser: Megan Horst

University of Oregon
Student Representative: Mary Augustine
Faculty Adviser: Richard Margerum


Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Student Representative: Ahrehon Thompson
Faculty Adviser: Sudeshna Ghosh

Temple University
Temple Student Planning Organization
Student Representative: William Gleckner
Faculty Adviser: Jeffery Doshna
Career Department Adviser: Jeffery Doshna

University of Pittsburgh
Student Representative: Alexandra Marlow
Faculty Adviser: Michael Glass

South Carolina

Clemson University
Planning Student Organization of Clemson
Student Representative: Brianna O'Shaughnessy
Faculty Adviser: John Gaber, AICP
Career Department Adviser: Caroline Smith


University of Memphis
Student Representative: Wyatt Archer
Faculty Adviser: Charlie Santo


Texas A&M University
Student Representative: Judanne Lennox-Morrison
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Wei Li

Texas Southern University
Student Representative: Kaleb Otems
Faculty Adviser: Sheri Smith
Career Department Adviser: Sheri Smith

University of North Texas
Student Representative: Amanda Bender
Faculty Adviser: Laura Keyes

University of Texas at Arlington
Student Representative: Samantha Bradley
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Guoqiang Shen

University of Texas at Austin
Student Representative: Victoria Byrne
Faculty Adviser: Bjorn Sletto, PhD

University of Texas at San Antonio
Urban Planning Student Association
Student Representative: Michelle Garza
Faculty Adviser: Wei Zhai
Career Department Adviser: Greg Griffin, PhD, AICP


University of Utah
Student Representative: Kori Kurtzeborn
Faculty Adviser: Daniella Hirschfeld
Career Department Adviser: Deandra Harps


University of Virginia
Student Representative: Meredith Beavers
Faculty Adviser: Andrew Mondshein, PhD AICP

Virginia Commonwealth University
Undergraduate Student Representative: Eric Bittner
Graduate Student Representative: Gabriella Pino-Moreno
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Teresa

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Student Representative: Kathryn Treanor
Faculty Adviser: Yang Zhang


Eastern Washington University
Student Representative: Landon Baldwin
Faculty Adviser: Jason Scully

University of Washington
Student Representative: Dalton Huey
Student Representative: Maren Grunnet
Faculty Adviser: Branden Born
Career Department Adviser: Diana Siembor


University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Student Representative: Cory Clark
Faculty Adviser: Lingqian Hu

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Wisconsin Student Planning Association
Student Representative: Lidia Villazaez Eufracio
Faculty Adviser: Carey McAndrews
Career Department Adviser: Amy Rivera


University of British Columbia
Student Representative: Madelaine Parent
Faculty Adviser: Maged Senbel