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Deadline: Janaury 31, 2020

APA's Young Planners / Emerging Professionals Groups connect the new generation of planners with seasoned professionals and open opportunities to meet colleagues, build skills, and volunteer. Participating in YPG events is a natural path to making new friends, expanding your network, and finding a professional mentor. Plus, it's fun!

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APA Arizona Chapter YPG

APA California Chapter, Inland Empire Section YPG

APA California Chapter, Los Angeles YPG

APA California Chapter, Northern YPG

APA California Chapter, Orange County YPG

APA California Chapter, Sacramento Valley YPG

APA California Chapter, San Diego YPG

APA Colorado Chapter EPP

APA Florida Chapter YPG

APA Georgia Chapter YPG

APA Hawaii Chapter EPP

APA Illinois Chapter, Chicago Metro YPG

APA Louisiana Chapter YPG

APA Maryland Chapter EPG

APA Massachusetts Chapter YPG

APA Michigan Chapter EPP

APA New Jersey Chapter YPG

APA New Mexico Chapter YPG

APA New York Metro Chapter YPG

APA New York Upstate Chapter YPG

APA North Carolina Chapter YPG

APA Oregon Chapter EPG

APA Pennsylvania Chapter, Southeast YPG

APA South Carolina Chapter YPG

APA Texas Chapter EPL

APA Texas Chapter, North Central YPG

APA Virginia Chapter YPG

APA Washington Chapter, Puget Sound YPG

APA Western Central Chapter YPG


Transportation Planning Division, EPG (also known as TPD Vanguard)

Resource Library

Guide to Young Planners Groups Version 2.0

A how-to guide created by a consortium of YPG leaders across the country.


2016: Tips and Tricks for Event Planning (click here for power point files only)

2015: Guide 2.0 Launch Party and Tips from Successful YPG Leaders

2012: Creating Young Planners Groups

2012: Mentoring and Student Outreach

Young Planners Groups Resources

Sample Documents and Templates

Work Plans and Bylaws

Event Flyers & Marketing Materials

Mentoring Programs

Event Checklist #1 — APA California, San Diego Section

Event Checklist #2 — APA Missouri

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