Student Representatives Council

The Student Representatives Council (SRC) is one of the three APA components. APA is comprised of Chapters, Divisions, and the SRC.

The SRC is composed of the SRC executive committee, student leaders that represent Planning Student Organizations (PSO), and APA student members.

The vision of the SRC is to improve the world by elevating diverse students and emerging planners.

SRC organizational chart

2024 Student Representatives Council Executive Committee

The SRC executive committee leads the SRC, helping to shape APA's policies that influence student issues. The executive committee advises the APA Board of Directors on the best interests and needs of student and young professional membership.

The executive committee members serve for two years in their respected seats. After the term is expired, the committee invites all APA students to submit nominations for the leadership positions through the APA elections process.

Not quite sure what region you're in? View the APA Electoral Regions map.

SRC Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Bianca Mers

Bianca Mers

Bianca Mers is a Senior Analyst with EJP Consulting Group in Philadelphia, PA. She studied International Relations at the University of Delaware and received her master's of City and Regional Planning degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In her free time, she enjoys taking walks around her neighborhood in Philly, while also appreciating the architecture. She loves all things related to food and is always on the search for new restaurants. Reading, traveling, and spending time with loved ones keeps her whole and grounded. Term of office: January 2024–December 2026.

Mateo Alexander
Region I

Mateo Alexander

Mateo Alexander is a first year MSUP student at Columbia University with concentrations in urban analytics and international development. Mateo has a strong interest in urban planning and development particularly in regard to underrepresented minority communities and technology. Mateo plans to pursue a Ph.D. in urban planning in the future. For fun, Mateo likes to play soccer, do community service, spend time with friends, and explore urban areas. Term of office: January 2023–December 2025.

SRCEC Region II Representative 2024 Cameron Brown Headshot
Region II

Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown is a student at East Carolina University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Community and Regional Planning, a minor in Construction Management and has a background in economic development and consulting services for rural communities in North Carolina. He's committed to ongoing professional development and aspires to make meaningful contributions to the field of community planning and development. He's passionate about advocacy and loves spending time with family, friends, and outdoor adventures with his dog, Ruby! He enjoys traveling and seeking out new experiences, such as, attending concerts and arts-themed festivals to camping and exploring the Southeast of the U.S. Term of Office: January 2024–December 2026.

SRCEC Region III Representative 2024 Beneetta Mary Jose Headshot
Region III

Beneetta Mary Jose

Beneetta Mary Jose is a student at the University of South Florida, pursuing a master's in urban and Regional Planning and holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from India. She works as a student fellow with the Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization and is interested in resilience and transportation. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and drawing and hopes to pursue a Ph.D in the future. Term of office: January 2024–December 2026.

SRCEC Region IV Representative 2024 Katie Oberlin Headshot
Region IV

Katie Oberlin

Katie Oberlin is a student at The Ohio State University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in city and Regional Planning. She's passionate about collaborating with others to intervene with the built environment and improve it to better the needs of the community. She enjoys learning languages and hopes to be pentalingual one day! Her hobbies include yoga, playing instruments, watching Sailor Moon, and traveling. Term of office: January 2024–December 2026.

SRCEC Region V Representative Johnathan Gates Headshot
Region V

Johnathan Gates

Johnathan Gates is a Management Fellow with the City of Phoenix. He recently graduated with a master's in urban and environmental planning from Arizona State University. He is excited about the possibilities of planning! He's passionate about being a part of a larger process in transforming the places we live, serve, and play into communities that inspire a better future for that benefits all people. Term of office: January 2023–December 2025.

SRCEC Region VI Representative 2024 Arielle Truong Headshot
Region VI

Arielle Truong

Arielle Truong is a student at the San Diego State University pursuing a bachelor's degree in Urban Studies. They're extremely passionate about vintage fashion from the 60s and 70s! They enjoy exploring flea markets, thrift shops, antique malls and collecting records, postcards, and houseplants, too. Term of office: January 2024–December 2026.

SRCEC Past Chair 2024 Kohl Malo Headshot
Past Chair

Kohl Mało

Kohl Mało is a transportation-land use planner working in Washington D.C. He grew up in South Florida and has served the Student Representatives Council (SRC) since 2019. In his profession, he works to connect the major systems of housing, employment, transportation, and the environment. He enjoys exploring, tech, business, and movies. Being a big proponent of the SRC, he thinks all members should be proud to use the platform to make positive change for the profession. Term of office: January 2024–December 2026.