Every month, thousands of people — professionals and interested laypeople alike — read Planning to learn how innovative planning programs and techniques are reshaping America's communities.

March 2015

PlanningImmigrants Welcome?

Making a place for undocumented immigrant children — a report by Rene Romo. Sidebar by Susannah Nesmith.

Super TIFs Are Transforming Three Cities

States are putting muscle behind redevelopment, as Evans Paull explains in Planning Practice.

Putting Berlin Back Together

Katharine Burgess sorts through planning policy after the fall of the wall.

From Romance to Reality

California's Sea Ranch at 50: Christine Kreyling pays a visit.

When Casinos Are Too Much of a Good Thing

Too much supply? Too little demand? Jake Blumgart reads the tea leaves. Joan Cairney and Mary Hammon examine Boston's challenges.

Recycling to the Max

Earthship structures cause conundrums, says Kristen Pope.


A regular column by Executive Director James M. Drinan.


Tent city, urban agriculture.

Legal Lessons

What to tell the judge.


Reid Ewing ponders the golden age of street design.


Columbia River.

Planners Library

Land conservation, tactical urbanism.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Planning from scratch.

Cover: Southwest border marker, San Ysidro, California. Photo by Josh Denmark.

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Every month thousands of people read Planning to learn how innovative planning programs and techniques are reshaping America's communities.

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