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January 2018

Special Issue on New Orleans

Planning starts 2018 with a close look at New Orleans, host city of APA's National Planning Conference in April. Find out how the Crescent City, which celebrates its tricentennial this year, has taken up resilience-based planning in a big way, for water systems, transportation, economic development, and more.

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Featured Articles

300 Years and Counting

New Orleans plans for a new — more resilient — century. Martin C. Pedersen reports.

No Place Like It

Take a quick peek at the vibrant culture of the Crescent City.

More Than a Streetcar Named Desire

A new strategic mobility plan means getting around the Big Easy could get a lot easier. Story by Jeffrey Goodman.

The Water Within

The region's regular enemy could be its best untapped asset, writes Emilie Bahr.

Gentrification in the Ninth Ward

Missy Wilkinson takes us through a city of neighborhoods — and the forces that determine who gets to live in them.

Let the Good Times Roll Once Again

As New Orleans diversifies its industries, Craig Guillot surveys the economy's growing trends — and challenges.

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