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November 2018


The November issue of Planning highlights American planners' efforts to prepare their communities for 21st-century challenges. In the West, they work with water managers to realign the region's vast network of dams, reservoirs, and irrigation canals with rising temperatures and declining precipitation. Nationwide, planners, architects, and landscape architects integrate good design and protective features in buildings and public spaces that could be targets for crime and violence.

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The Future of the Dammed

Can 20th-century water infrastructure withstand 21st-century climate change? Allen Best looks for answers.

All Parks on Deck

Cities across the country are embracing a new era for freeway deck parks. Story by Jeffrey Spivak.

Big-Picture Perspective

Jon Kohl shares a holistic approach to keeping plans off the shelf.

Safety Beyond Barriers

The built environment can be a powerful shield against acts of violence. Kristen Pope talks to planners and architects working to create safer public spaces.

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