Certification Maintenance

AICP's Certification Maintenance program helps planners gain the knowledge and skills they need to remain current in the practice of planning.

Certification Maintenance Update

We understand that many AICP members plan on the CM earned at NPC to meet their reporting period requirements. We encourage members to explore distance learning opportunities to meet their CM requirements.

  • AICP members in certain life and career situations may be eligible for a temporary or permanent exemption from the requirement to earn CM credits. If you are or were in any of these life situations, you may apply for a CM Exemption.
  • Planners approaching a reporting period deadline in the short-term may consider pursuing online learning options available through APA or other CM providers. APA Learn has nearly 400 courses including Law and Ethics, all of which are eligible for CM credit and available at a low per-credit cost.
  • If you were registered for NPC20, APA offers the option of crediting your registration fees toward professional development and membership renewal, which is applicable to APA Learn coursework.
  • Many other CM providers also offer live online and on-demand education. Members can use the CM search and the Live Online and On Demand event type filter to find distance learning courses that fit their needs.
  • APA is working on future online learning opportunities that will facilitate the same high level of professional development for planners and the planning community that you've come to expect from APA. We will communicate these opportunities to AICP members as they become available.

AICP Members

Certification Maintenance strengthens the value of certification, demonstrating your ongoing commitment to excellence to elected officials, community leaders, and employers.

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The Certification Maintenance (CM) program links certified planners to training opportunities that keep them up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. It also strengthens the value of certification, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence to elected officials, community leaders, and employers.

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APA Learn

APA Learn, APA's new education platform, provides CM-eligible education online and lets you log your CM right from the platform.

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CM Providers

The Certification Maintenance program links AICP-certified planners to education and training opportunities so they may earn mandatory credits and remain current with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.

Certification Maintenance (CM) providers are educational organizations approved by AICP to provide continuing education activities and events for CM credits. All education providers, including APA and its chapters and divisions, must apply to become CM providers.

CM Details for Providers

AICP markets all CM-approved activities through its online CM Search. Approved organizations are also included in the online directory of CM providers. It's an opportunity to reach 16,000 professional planners who are looking for professional development activities such as conferences, workshops, lectures, or web-based training such as online courses, webcasts, and podcasts.

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