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Planning Foundation of APA

Your contribution to the Planning Foundation of APA funds philanthropic activities that the American Planning Association has supported for years — scholarships and community equity programs — and new initiatives like special research projects and creative ways to "tell the planning story." APA is a 501(c)(3) organization, and the Foundation is included in this status. The Foundation is governed by a seven-member governing board.


The Planning Foundation generously supported a reference book co-published by APA Planners Press and John Wiley & Sons, Planning and Urban Design Standards, which is the definitive guide to principles and techniques used by planners, designers, and their partners in community building. The Bettman Symposium on land-use law at APA's annual National Planning Conference is also supported by the Foundation.

Post-Disaster Planning Efforts

Consider a gift that will be used exclusively to support planning efforts supported by APA and our chapters in areas impacted by natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy.

How Foundation funds support post-disaster planning efforts

Price Scholarship Fund

Judith McManus PriceThe Judith McManus Price Scholarship for Women and Minorities in Planning was established in 2002 through the generosity of her husband and children. Judith Price was an exceptional planner in Texas and New Mexico. The scholarship fund was created to encourage women and minorities to enter the field of planning, and to help planning students who have demonstrated financial need.

Learn more about Judith McManus Price and the scholarship fund


The Foundation supports students in a variety of ways. Some examples: scholarships assist student financing, make it possible for students to join APA study tours, and enable students to work at paid internships in places like post-Katrina New Orleans.

Recent Donors

See a list of individuals and organizations that have given generously to the Foundation.

Recent Foundation donors

FY2014 APA Foundation Annual Report

The American Planning Association Foundation includes a General Fund and several funds restricted to specific uses. The restricted funds are used for scholarships and law-focused symposia.

The APA Foundation fund balance as of the end of the fiscal year, September 30, 2014, was $998,800. Total revenues for the fiscal year were $82,500 and total expenditures were $12,800. Further details on revenues and expenses for the year are shown below.

FY2014 Foundation Total Revenues

FY2014 Foundation Total Expenditures

Why Your Donations Matter

Planners reacting with optimism to the uncertainty of the future can help our nation become stronger and safer. With your support, the Planning Foundation will help planners do more to rebuild and improve communities, reach out to nonplanners, and ensure opportunities for the planning leaders of tomorrow.

By donating, you will set an example for fellow planners and do much to ensure our profession's continued national influence.