AICP logoThe American Institute of Certified Planners is the American Planning Association's professional institute and the recognized leader in certifying professional planners and promoting ethical planning, professional development, planning education, and standards of practice.


Earning the AICP credential is a source of personal and professional pride. Certification can enhance a planner's professional credibility, open career opportunities, and boost earning potential.

Get Certified!

To become a certified planner, an APA member must meet requirements for education and experience and pass an examination.

Certification Maintenance

AICP's Certification Maintenance program helps planners gain the knowledge and skills they need to remain current in the practice of planning.

Advanced Specialty Certification

Advanced Specialty Certification recognizes certified planners for their in-depth knowledge, experience, and leadership skills in specialized areas of planning.

Resources for AICP Members

Documents, products, archives, and the latest planners' salary survey.


A commitment to ethical practice is at the core of AICP. The Institute offers a code and other resources to help planners negotiate tough ethical and moral dilemmas.

Fellows of AICP

Election as a Fellow of AICP recognizes a planner who has made significant contributions to planning and society.

AICP Commission

Meet the APA certified planners elected to represent AICP members on the Institute's governing board.

What is the AICP Commission?

Core Competencies

An initiative to enhance the AICP credential by understanding the skills and thresholds that distinguish students, emerging professionals, certified planners, and advanced professionals.

Community Assistance Program

AICP's Community Assistance Program addresses social equity issues by providing pro bono planning services to underserved communities.


AICP membership will lapse if a member fails to:

  • Pay annual dues
  • Uphold AICP professional and ethical standards, or
  • Satisfy AICP's Certification Maintenance requirements.

Former AICP members whose memberships lapse for nonpayment of dues or failure to satisfy CM requirements may request reinstatement.

Review AICP's Reinstatement Policy