Ready to get certified? Take these steps to AICP certification:

Chart showing five steps to AICP Certification. Text reads: get educated, gain experience, apply for the AICP exam, pass the exam, become an AICP member

Get Educated and Gain Experience

AICP Comprehensive Planning Examination candidates must meet specific criteria for education and experience, so determine your eligibility before you apply. Check out the AICP eligibility requirements and find out if your experience qualifies.

Apply for the AICP Exam

If you are eligible, you can apply to take the AICP Comprehensive Planning Examination. APA accepts applications twice a year — in June (for the exam administered in November) and December (for the exam administered in May).

APA resources can help you submit a successful application.


Application period will open on June 2 for the November 2015 AICP Exam

Apply by June 8 to receive early notification of approval or an opportunity to revise your application if it is not approved.

Pass the Exam

See APA's five-step approach to exam preparation and links to many resources to help you succeed.

Become an AICP member

You've passed the exam. What happens next?

  • Pay AICP dues as soon as you receive APA's invoice.
  • APA will confirm your right to use the AICP credential.
  • You'll receive an AICP welcome packet. Congratulations!

Additional information is in the Exam Candidate Bulletin.