Planning Officials

Planning Officials Training Program

Planning Officials are regularly appointed to boards and commissions, often with no background or training in community planning. The APA Planning Officials Training Program provides planners with the tools and resources to effectively and easily "on-board and train" planning officials.

Resources for Planning Board Members and Public Officials

APA Publications and Courses

APA is the best source for training, tools, and support related to local planning. APA offers planning officials tested tools — publications, training, and other targeted resources — that help their communities anticipate and plan for tomorrow.

The Commissioner was a newsletter with a commissioners' perspective on the issues that affect their work.

PAS QuickNotes are plain-English briefing papers that explain planning basics for public officials and engaged citizens.

The PAS Memo series provides planners with actionable information drawn from practical experience on today's important planning topics and tools.

The Planning Advisory Service publishes PAS Reports with guidance on current issues and innovative practices. Learn about the latest report and explore the archive.

Each month Planning, APA's member magazine shows how innovative planning programs and techniques are reshaping America's communities.

APA's Research KnowledgeBase connects APA members to curated collections of topically related resources — including plans, regulations, model codes, guides, articles, reports, and multimedia files.

Zoning Practice is a monthly publication dedicated to guiding the writing and administration of smarter development codes. Additional fee required.

Passport has 100's of online courses. Topics range from abatements to zoning. New courses are added throughout the year. Additional fee required.

Not an APA Member?

Join APA as a Commissioner

Planning Officials, including Plan Commission members, Zoning Board members and others, help create great communities for all! When you connect with APA you join a nationwide community dedicated to good planning. APA provides tested tools that help communities anticipate and plan for tomorrow.

Equity Diversity Inclusion

Cover of APA Planning for Equity Policy Guide.

Advocate For An Equity-In-All-Policies Approach

APA has made a focused commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in all forms. APA supports planners who work towards achieving thriving communities in which everyone has equal opportunity to live a safe, healthy, and prosperous life.

Chapter and External Resources

Alaska: Alaska Planning Commission Handbook

Colorado: Boulder Boards and Commissions Training

Florida: Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission

Illinois: Planning Officials Training

Indiana: Citizen Planners' Guide

North Carolina: Citizen Planner Trainer's Resource

Tennessee: The Powers and Functions of the Local Planning Commission in Tennessee

Texas: Planning Commissioners Corner

Additional Resources

Planner's Web Resources

The Planner's web serves the needs of citizen planners by providing useful, jargon-free, articles and resource information. Curated by Wayne Senville