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October 2015

The Commissioner coverParticipatory Budgeting and Planning

What is the value of the particpatory budgeting approach to planning? Is it more important for planning decisions to be right or fair?

Heritage Under Threat:
The World's Oldest Cities

The world's oldest cities represent a major evolution in human development and are the physical record of this remarkable step in building communities. How are upheavals in the world affecting the legacy of ancient cities?

Ending (or Avoiding) 'Commission Wars'

While you can't change the composition of your commission, you can institute practices to head off problems before they turn your boardroom into a war zone.

Finding the Crosswalk

Before cars and trucks dominated America's roads, the urban street was a very diverse place.

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Tools & Training
Planning involves all-encompassing comprehensive plans as well as target plans (e.g. housing). Planning tackles problems through guidelines, standards, education, and persuasion. This feature explains best practices and highlights evolving issues for the essential work of commissions and boards.

Planning, Zoning, and Beyond
What role do planning commissions and other boards play in developing and implementing plans? Learn about specific techniques for conducting public meetings, reaching decisions, and working with staff to develop useful reports.

Attorneys deliver plain-English explanations of complex legal issues facing commissions and boards. Learn how to stay out of court, create inclusive practices, and keep up with important court rulings. Explore the level of legal standards you need in your community and find out how other communities tackle similar issues.

Learn about the foundations of planning. This short feature looks back to find key moments when planning defined its approach to a specific problem or identified a new community need.

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The Commissioner's popular guide will help you dig deeper into featured topics.

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